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“Ninis” has already premiered, the new HBO Max comedy that portrays the arrival of adulthood

In “Ninis”, five friends, not quite teenagers, not quite adults, try to find meaning in their lives and forge their future. (HBOMax)

ninis is HBO Max’s new Mexican comedy about five twentysomethings and their attempts to get ahead in a race against the clock to adulthood. This quintet will have to face situations that are so comical but common for many young people on the way to young adulthood, such as: paying rent, starting failed businesses, living as freelancers or finish the thesis; as they fall in love and deal with real personal relationships. It is already available on the platform since April 7.

The story tells of the adversities that Morales, Rebeca, Rodri, Vale and Chesca go through, a group of friends who try to live well, but they intend to do it in the simplest way possible to achieve it. Although they are all professionals, fend for themselves is a challenge that they must meet, because none of them have managed to get out of the glass bubble in which their overprotective parents put them.

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Although their reality is somewhat pathetic, the “Ninis” try to project a relatively normal and happy life in their social networks. Always attentive to fashion and trends of the internet, watching their lives go by through the screens of their mobile devices in the tireless search for likes.

The series consists of 10 chapters and is starring Jesus Zavala (Ravens Club), Natalia Tellez (twentysomething, Divorced and fantastic), Oka Giner (mother there are only 2), Gonzalo Vega Jr. (José José: the prince of the song), Y Ruy Trails (Rosary Scissors). It has the address of Chava Cards and is produced by Luis Vizcaino; recognized by the film Thirty-something, single and fantastic, Y If you search you will find.

about the characters

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Jesus Zavala: her character is Chesca; a fashionista boy, selfish and narcissistic. He believes that he has the answers to everything and that he is the only one capable of solving the problems of the “Ninis”.

Natalia Tellez: her character is Rebeca, an exaggerated and emotional “nini”, sheltered in fashions and trends from Internet.

Ok Giner: her character is Vale, a neat and perfectionist girl who works in human resources as a freelancer.

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Gonzalo Vega Jr: he plays Morales, a typical narcissist who thinks he is more than he really is; with feelings of greatness, exaggerating his achievements and talents.

Ruy Paths: his character is Rodri, the greatest friend of all, which generates a lot of anxiety and fear of not being what he should be for his age.

Do you identify with any? Run to see her, she is hilarious! If you are young or adult you will like it.

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