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Nightclub Kiss: Public Ministry of RS criticizes Netflix series

Imagem de: Boate Kiss: Ministério Público do RS critica série da Netflix

After the backlash of the series Every Day the Same Night in recent days, the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Rio Grande do Sul also took a stand against Netflix’s production. In a note released last Tuesday (31), the agency criticizes the series, stating that the work “exploits the pain of hundreds of families for entertainment”, in addition to “contributing to misinformation” about the case.

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“By presenting both characters and the Justice System, its rites and regulations in a caricatured way at many times, the work contributes to misinformation and to the creation of a collective memory contaminated by versions and facts that did not occur as presented”, he says. the statement from the Public Prosecutor.

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In addition, the agency points out that the case is still pending in court and the result may be influenced by the production.

“The series explores, for entertainment, the pain of hundreds of families, still in mourning, who wait, in long wait, for the punishment of the guilty. And the most serious, the production exposes a version for the public opinion of a case still in progress. proceeding, which may be subject to a new popular jury, a possibility that the institution fights very hard to rule out.”

Every Day the Same Night has been the subject of controversy since it was released by Netflix (Photo: disclosure)

Lawsuit against Netflix

The note issued by the Public Ministry goes against the decision of a group of parents and friends of the victims to sue Netflix for the release of the series. They claim that the company is financially exploiting the pain of the family members and that the platform “did not even have the sensitivity to inform them that a drama series would be produced”.

The Association of Families of Victims and Survivors of the Tragedy of Santa Maria, on the other hand, was in favor of the series. According to the group, production is a way of fighting for justice. “Retelling this story means denouncing the countless negligence and attempts at silencing we encountered along the way,” the group said in a statement.

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