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Nightclub Kiss is the subject of a series on Netflix and a documentary on Globoplay

Nightclub Kiss is the subject of a series on Netflix and a documentary on Globoplay

It is practically impossible not to think of January 27, 2013 as one of the saddest dates for Brazilian society in its history. 10 years ago, a fire at the Kiss nightclub, in Santa Maria (RS), caused the death of 242 victims and marked the lives of millions of Brazilians around the country.

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Laws were created in the state of Rio Grande do Sul after that event, to ensure greater security in public and private establishments. The trial of those accused of causing the tragedy lasted almost 9 years and ended in December 2021. However, in August 2022, the result was annulled and sent for a new trial.

This week, Netflix and Globoplay are launching projects to remember the date that stopped the country.

Every Day, Same Night on Netflix

On Wednesday (25), Netflix added the miniseries to its catalog Every Day the Same Night. The national production of five chapters is based on the book of the same name written by journalist Daniela Arbex.

Bringing a dramatization of history, the series shows the day to day of those who had to deal with the consequences of the tragedy and who seek justice to this day. The five episodes, about 40 minutes each, are now available on the streaming service.

Documentary on Globoplay

In addition, on Thursday (26), the documentary series Nightclub Kiss – The Tragedy of Santa Maria. The documentary is divided into five chapters and will show the tragedy from different perspectives and at different times.

Journalist Marcelo Canellas, responsible for the series, retraces the steps of the fire victims and shows the repercussions of the tragedy on the lives of city dwellers and on Brazilian justice.

All five episodes, around 55 minutes each, are already available on Globoplay. Globo’s streaming service, which also includes other programs, has subscriptions starting at R$24.90 per month.

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