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“Nicolas Cage is in my DNA”: Pedro Pascal spoke about his work with the actor in “The Weight of Talent”

In the weight of talent (The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent) a popular actor, and even an icon of an era of cinema, Nicolas Cage, must make of himself. Or a version of very close to him, with her career at a critical moment and his personal life not going much better. He then receives the invitation of a millionaire fan, Javi, who will return a little of his trust and will be generous with the money of his fortune. unholy. Peter Pascal It’s Javier. in conversation with TechMarkupthe actor confessed that he did not have to do much to take on this challenge: “When I started my studies, and then in my acting career, Nicolas Cage was inside me.”

The Chilean interpreter defined his vocation from a very young age. His fame skyrocketed when he participated in game of Thrones and starred in one of the most remembered and commented chapters of the series as Oberyn Martell. She had great opportunities in narcs Y Kingsman: The Golden Circlebut ended up consolidating in The Mandalorianthe series of starwars which confirmed him as a star. But he never stopped remembering his beginnings, and his leading role in the weight of talent took him back to those beginnings. In several interviews he pointed out that working with the actor from rumblefish it brought him back to those years when he made the decision to pursue acting.

Nicolas Cage is Nick Cage and Pedro Pascal is Javi in ​​the incredible story of a narco fan of the actor.  (Katalyn Vermes/Lionsgate)
Nicolas Cage is Nick Cage and Pedro Pascal is Javi in ​​the incredible story of a narco fan of the actor. (Katalyn Vermes/Lionsgate)

Nick Cage, as the actor is presented in the first trailer for the film, is actually in a new phase of his career, which has regained public interest. From Mandy a Pig until a future project called Renfield, in which he will play Dracula, lives an unbeatable present. But Pascal recognized that his favorite stage of the actor is the initial one, which makes him travel to beautiful memories with his family: “I am someone who has seen all the Nicolas Cage films”, he defined himself.


“My family is Chilean,” he continued. “We had Telecable. Just started the eighties, his movies were seen on TV. And then we started going to the movies: Peggy Sue Got Marriedlater Raising Arizona Y VampireKiss, Moonstruck Y Wild at Heart. All with my parents.

The production has had a gradual premiere in Latin America.  (Katalyn Vermes/Lionsgate)
The production has had a gradual premiere in Latin America. (Katalyn Vermes/Lionsgate)

That, he believes, is something that the producers understood very quickly: he knew Cage’s filmography, in particular the “most important titles, which are mentioned in the film,” Pascal added. about the initial preparation, which had little prior. The films he refers to are the most iconic of his filmography: with Air, Counterface, The rock, Snake Eyes, 60 seconds and more.


On working together, he explained, “They gave us total confidence to jump in and do it the way it was written. Nicolas had a lot of ideas that contributed to the day-to-day and to the scenes, and what I really had to do was follow him where he went.”

Pedro Pascal worked on "Game of Thrones", "Narcos", "Kingsman: The Golden Circle" and consolidated his fame in "The Mandalorian".  (REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni)
Pedro Pascal worked on “Game of Thrones”, “Narcos”, “Kingsman: The Golden Circle” and consolidated his fame in “The Mandalorian”. (REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni)

Javi Gutierrez is a wealthy member of a family dedicated to drug trafficking. He has dreams linked to cinema, he is the biggest fan of Nicolas Cage and his ultimate goal is for the actor to take a script he wrote to take it to Hollywood. The way he found to carry out his plan is to pay him a million dollars and invite him to his birthday. But he didn’t count on the CIA’s plan: hire Cage to disrupt his people’s business. “What surprised me more than anything was the tone of the film”, he said less about that plot than about the shooting “I knew what I wanted to tell and nothing overpowered the experience of having fun, of being in a story. There was some nostalgia: the experience of seeing this film in theaters is what I enjoyed the most.”

The Chilean actor also highlighted the human value that The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent: “Nicolas Cage the person is someone very relatable. His neurosis, the crisis he has, also being a father, is all very human. To be half lost with his career. Or disappointed. But also being a fan is something very common. So what we got to interpret is really true.”

With an excellent repercussion in the countries where the film was already released, Nicolas Cage and Pedro Pascal managed to form a duo that has nothing to envy to the protagonists of Deadly weapon either two dangerous guys. The explanation for this is simple for Pedro: “Nicolas Cage is in my DNA.”

the weight of talent premiered in Mexico on April 28, in Colombia on May 12, and will be seen in Argentina, Peru and Chile on May 19.

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