Nicolas Cage gets into your dreams: hilarious trailer for ‘Dream Scenario’

Nicolas Cage gets into your dreams: hilarious trailer for 'Dream Scenario'

There is no doubt that today Nicolas Cage He is still a movie star as he was in the 90s, but the way in which he has managed to retain the public’s attachment is a phenomenon worthy of study. After all, and once he was ruined at the end of his golden decade, Cage had to chain all kinds of low-budget projects, while continuing to overact as he used to, and this is what little by little turned him into a meme walking. A rather peculiar status, which has ended up directly affecting his career.

For example, Cage has already starred in a comedy called The unbearable weight of an enormous talent, where he played himself. And the actor confesses that this same meta quality was something he saw in the script of Dream Scenario. It is a black comedy that he writes and directs Kristoffer Borgli: Norwegian filmmaker who caused quite a stir last year thanks to the devastating Sick of Myself. It was also a black comedy, but Dream Scenario aims to be more ambitious to the point of benefiting from Cage’s presence. The film has already been screened at the Toronto Festivalwith great reviews.

The question is, what does Dream Scenario goal? Here Cage plays Paul Matthews, a professor who begins to appear in the dreams of millions of strangers, and becomes a minor celebrity. A bizarre situation that will become disturbing when these dreams turn into nightmares. Presenting the film in Toronto, Cage recalled how his fame resurfaced on the Internet. “I think he might have been the first actor who woke up one morning and someone had made a montage of him, of moments from different movies, and then put it online. I think his name was Nicolas Cage Losing His Shit”.

“It went viral overnight all over the world,” he continued. “And it kept getting bigger. Nothing could stop him. I couldn’t stop him legally, I couldn’t stop him in any way. I sat there and it started to become a meme, with Photoshop….. I said to myself: well, I have to put this somewhere, and then I read Dream Scenario and I said to myself ‘Yes, now I can turn this lead into some gold‘”. So yes, Borgli’s film is important to him, and the script has managed to attract enough attention for a filmmaker like him to produce Ari Asterand also carried out her usual study, A24.

It is, in short, Borgli’s leap to Hollywood. In addition to Cage we find in the cast Julianne Nicholson, Michael Cera either Tim Meadows. In the US, the premiere is scheduled for November 10, and we can only hope that it also finds distribution soon in Spain after seeing its trailer. You have it under these lines.

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