Nicolas Cage defaulted on a film in which he won an Oscar; understand!

Nicolas Cage defaulted on Farewell in Las Vegas, a 1995 film that won him the Oscar for Best Actor. The information was revealed by the director of the long, Mike Figgis, during the podcast. it Happened in Hollywood.


According to the filmmaker, both he and the actor never actually received the promised salary of $100,000 for their work. “[A Lumiere Pictures, produtora também responsável por Um Estranho no Ninho, Amadeus e Highlander] said the film never made a profit,” he shared.

However, it’s worth noting that the $4 million budget production made more than $32 million at the box office around the world.


The story of love and self-destruction follows Ben Sanderson (Cage), a depressed screenwriter who, after being fired from his job in Los Angeles, leaves for Las Vegas to end his life. There, he sinks into alcoholism and meets Sera (Elizabeth Shue), a prostitute with whom he falls in love.


Now walking together through the city streets, the two fall in love and decide not to interfere in each other’s lives.

The plot is based on the book by John O’Brien, an author who committed suicide after selling the adaptation rights. On account of exploring controversial and dark subjects, the title suffered in being able to complete its production and distribution, finally made by MGM.

What happens in Las Vegas…

Although the pair didn’t see the color of the money, the director threw the chips away and commented that in the end this is a subject that is over. “It does not matter anymore. After that, my career took off again and I was paid very well on the next movie I did.”


“And within a year [Cage] I was making $20 million per title I starred in, so it turned out to be a good thing.” Figgis’ speech is related to the fact that Farewell in Las Vegas serve as a highlight in their careers.

The film was a critical success and earned 4 Oscar nominations: Best Director, Best Adapted Screenplay (also signed by Figgis), Best Actress (for Shue) and Best Actor, in which Cage won the statuette.

Such success made Figgis achieve great contacts and collaborations in Hollywood, among them Steven Spielberg and Stanley Kubrick.

In turn, Cage had his career launched to stardom, starring in the following years The rock, Con Air: Escape Route and The other face — blockbusters that cemented their name on the walk of fame.

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