Home Entertainment Nic Pizzolatto (‘True Detective’) joins Mahersala Ali’s ‘Blade’ as screenwriter

Nic Pizzolatto (‘True Detective’) joins Mahersala Ali’s ‘Blade’ as screenwriter

Nic Pizzolatto ('True Detective') joins Mahersala Ali's 'Blade' as screenwriter

It was in the Comic Con 2019 when Kevin Feige made a brand new announcement: mahersala ali was going to be the Blade of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. At some point. This half human half vampire character was created by Marv Wolfman and Gene Colan in 1973, and starred with the face of Wesley Snipes an action trilogy in the early 2000s. Ali would spearhead the addition of this vampire slayer to the MCU, but the film took its time to come to fruition.

In fact, it’s been four years now, and the most Ali has done is a voice cameo in the post-credits scene of Eternals. All because the corresponding film has gone through a thousand and one difficulties, losing directors until Marvel thought they found someone definitive in the figure of Yann Demangeresponsible for the pilot of Lovecraft Territory. Demange was going to direct from a script by michael starburry (nominated for Emmy to develop that’s how they see us next to Ava DuVernay), but now hollywood reporter echoes another change.

And it is that the Starrburry thing is only a draft; Marvel has arranged for it to be nic pizzolatto Whoever rewrites it and comes up with the final version of the script. It is a high signing, since Pizzolatto (former novelist) is especially known for having created the franchise true detective. His first season with Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson (and the address of Cary Fukunaga), although Blade in that sense it will also be a meeting.

Because? Because Ali starred in the third season of true detectiveand in Blade will recite Pizzolatto’s dialogues again. The screenwriter has been writing in recent weeks, shortly before shooting begins. Besides Ali, Blade already has in its distribution to Delroy Lindo lately so fashionable mia goth (X, Pearl). Marvel has set its premiere for the September 6, 2024within the framework of the current phase 5.

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