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NFts arrive on Instagram to share them on profiles and Stories

The CEO of Instagram, Adam Mosserihas officially announced the arrival of NFT’s (non-fungible token) to this social network. It does just a few weeks after mark zuckerbergCEO of Goalrevealed that his company was working to integrate these assets across different platforms.


In particular, this social network will allow the content creators and collectors exhibit their digital works in different sections, including direct messages and Instagram Stories.

The CEO of Instagram has confirmed through his profile Twitter that the ability to view NFTs on the platform is currently available to a small group of creators and collectors in the USA, although they hope to expand it to more users soon.


According to Mosseri himself, the surprising rise of NFTs is due to the fact that Instagram is a centralized platform, which does not correspond to what these assets represent.

As a result, lazy deployment can be used to collect and analyze user feedback and thus improve functionality if needed before rolling it out to everyone. It also guarantees that there will be no “fees associated with publishing or sharing a digital collection” on the application.


However, and despite the fact that NFTs on Instagram will have a limited appearance as they are reduced to a small group of creators, any user will be able to see them reflected in the application.

These tokens can appear in posts, Stories or direct messages. In all three cases, relevant information about the content will be displayed, such as its owner/owner, its collection or the artist who created it.

Instagram prepares to be a place to buy and sell NFTs


Mosseri did not elaborate on NFT’s future on the platform, but Instagram parent company Meta plans to go beyond giving creators the opportunity to showcase their assets on the festival’s social network.

According to the Financial Times, Mark Zuckerberg’s company plans to make Instagram a platform where you can also sell and buy NFTs, which can be used as a way for content creators to earn revenue.

Parallel, Twitter is also diving into the world of NFTs with a feature that allows users of Twitter Blue (your subscription model) include non-fungible tokens as your profile picture. The social network currently managed by Parag Agrawal, like Instagram, also shows symbolic data, such as the creator or the collection to which it belongs.

New ways to experience Instagram

Meta wants to improve the experience of its users within Instagram. And it is that just a few months ago it was possible to see the arrival of the chronological order to the top of Instagram; the feature that had disappeared long ago.

With this feature, users can choose between two options for viewing posts: Following Y favorites. When selecting the first, the posts of the accounts that follow will be displayed in the order in which they were published. While the second allows you to first see the photos and videos of the accounts that are marked as preferred.

In addition, there are also new functions of the reelsallowing create videos from models of other users, function that already exists in TikTok.

If you want to know the arrival of all these changes, TechMarkup recommends keeping the app updated. If there is a user who does not yet have these Instagram news available, you just have to be patient, as these changes may take a few days or weeks to reach everyone.

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