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NFT Games: How Gamers Earn Money to be in the Blockchain World

The world of video games continues to grow and in recent times new ways of making money have emerged for those who are part of the gamer community.


Is about the games Play to Earn either nft games that are based on blockchain technologyin which avatars and other game items can be traded and players get money.

The advent of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) has allowed items within games to be bought or sold. NFTs offer a certificate of authenticity and there is traceability.


In other words, you can know exactly what elements player A has, for example, to strengthen his character, or have useful tools for his game, what transactions he has made with them, etc. TEverything is recorded in the virtual accounting book that is the chain of blocks or blockchain which is what is behind NFTs.

Axie Infinity is one of the most popular NFT games but there are also others like My Crypto Heroes, CyBall, LightNite and StarSharks. The number is very large and there are more and more.


In the case of Axie Infinity, for example, each player’s axie is represented by NFTs. The same goes for LightNite and My Crypto Heroes.

In each game the tokens can be used for different purposes and, they have a business model based on an open economy, since each player participates, with time and money, in the construction of the virtual world and obtains economic benefits for this.

Communities and scholarships


In many cases, users do not have enough money to purchase the NFTs needed to play on these platforms and that is why communities or guilds that offer scholarships to players, in exchange for a commission.

This is the case of Yield Guild Games (YGG), a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that invests in non-fungible tokens (NFT) used in blockchain-based games.

This entity has a business model that allows players to get together to maximize their profits, in different ways. One of them is the possibility of renting NFT in the form of scholarships.

This benefits both the owners of those tokens and the Play to Earn players.

The scholarship recipients do not have to invest any money up front, but the agreement implies that they will share a portion of their earnings with the administrators.. In addition to NFT, new players receive training and guidance from community managers.

YGG, in turn, is made up of several SubDAOs, which are groups of players from an NFT game or from a certain geographical location.

An example of this is Ola GG, an important Hispanic Play to Earn community which recently announced an initial investment of USD 8 million with the participation of Galaxy Interactive, Bitkraft and Arca, among others.

The funds will be used to purchase NFTs, and provide educational content to promote the adoption of Play To Earn games for Spanish-speaking communities.

Wave GG features more than 3 thousand players awarded scholarships in its shared rewards program, in which players lend the necessary assets to play and win at NFT, Axie Infinity and CyBall games. In the future, it is planned to also admit Genopets, Karmaverse, StarSharks and other NFT games, as explained to TechMarkup.

All the profits that the scholarship holder obtains in each title where he participates will be distributed 70-30% (player- Ola GG, respectively), according to the company.

Another example of a community formed to group and help players is Sura Gaming, which at the end of March already had more than a thousand scholarship holders in Axie Infinity and more than 50 thousand members in the community.

They have a platform that allows them to digitize the entire player selection process and are part of the Axie Latam Guild.

To be part of this initiative, you must enter the site and complete a form based on artificial intelligence. That is the first filter, then there is a training with some videos and an exam is taken. If the evaluation is approved, it goes to a second instance to evaluate the user’s soft skills.

Then comes an interview with questionsin which the user is recorded giving his answers and the system downloads it to text and decodes it, to analyze it. Then there is a second more intensive training and another exam.n. And if everything is approved, the system gives you credentials to start playing. Everything is automatic.

There are many cases of players who want to participate either because they do not have NFTs or because, even if they do, they seek to enter the system to obtain training and learn game strategies.

As mentioned above, This system also implies that scholarship holders obtain benefits and then what they produce is distributed. The percentage varies according to the player’s performance but can range between 50 and 50 percent or 60 and 40 percent for the player and the group, respectively, as the community assured TechMarkup.

Sura Gaming is part together with the IAB Lab of the UBA (University of Buenos Aires) in the first gaming and metaverse diploma course that is launched on May 5, in Argentina and of which Axie Infinity is also a part. They focus on the importance of training participants so that they continue to grow in this ecosystem.


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