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Next Xperia Compact could be Sony’s first foldable phone

A few weeks ago we reported that Sony would be preparing a new Xperia Compact with a 6.05-inch screen to return to the segment of compact and powerful cell phones after almost five years since its last release for the category. Now, however, a rumor raises the possibility of the device being Sony’s first folding smartphone.

The information was revealed through an alleged tipster on Reddit where it states that “the next generation of the high-performance Xperia Compact will be a foldable Xperia without a secondary screen that opens vertically”.

If the rumor is true, it means that Sony is working on a competitor to models like the Galaxy Z Flip 5, Razr 40 Ultra and Find N2 Flip, with a horizontal hinge that divides the screen in half to make the model more compact.

Interestingly, Sony would not bet on an external display to quickly display notifications and shortcuts. This represents a completely opposite direction from its main competitors that are already being launched with increasingly larger screens to give greater freedom of use when the device is closed, such as the future Motorola Razr 40 Ultra.

Expectations about a foldable cell phone from Sony have been circulating since 2020 and so far we have not seen major moves by the company in relation to the category that is starting to gain greater notoriety and prestige with the launch of more solid and well-built devices.

Despite this, it is important to remember that the information of an Xperia foldable has not been reinforced by other people of great trust. The rumor of a 6-inch Xperia Compact came from the very renowned DSCC reviewer Ross Young and nothing was said about a foldable smartphone.

More information confirming or denying such a rumor should emerge in the coming days. A little over a month ago, Sony presented its main smartphones of the year: the powerful Xperia 1 V and the intermediate Xperia 10 V with few design changes. See all the details of the duo.

Source: Smartphone Digest

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