Next-Gen Nintendo Switch: new model in 2024 and will not be the Pro, for analysts

Nintendo Switch Pro was one of the hot topics of the whole first part of 2021, when it had become evident that Nintendo was preparing to launch a new revision of the Switch. 90% of the characteristics attributed to the Pro model are actually merged into the OLED version released in October ( here our review ), which brought with it almost all the innovations hypothesized in the previous weeks, with the exception of the long-awaited hardware renewal.

With 2021 now behind us and the OLED already on the market, we return to talk about what will be the next Switch, but this time it seems that the path taken by the first rumors is much more cautious and realistic. The first details come directly from an article by, in which sector analysts have summed up the forecasts that have come true in 2021 and their expectations for next year.


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Among these, we find those of Piers Harding-Rolls of Ampere Analysis, who basically centered almost all of his predictions ( he was wrong about the expansion of Amazon Luna in Europe and some analysis on services and their user base ) and advanced his assumptions about the future of the Switch: a next-generation model arriving in late 2024, with no Pro variant in the meantime. Harding also maintains that sales of the console will begin to decline in 2022, but that the year will end with a hybrid Nintendo back in first place with regard to the total sales in the 12 months, beating back the next gen competition from Sony and Microsoft.

The arrival of a new Next-Gen Nintendo Switch in 2024 is a highly probable event , considering that the console will turn 7 in that year, thus concluding what is considered the normal life cycle of a gaming platform. It will be interesting to understand if Nintendo will continue on the same path taken by the current model, or on a hybrid machine based on ARM architecture. Considering the evolution of the market, it is difficult to imagine a Nintendo that wants to risk again with an alternative form factor (which has happened since Wii onwards), while the rapid evolution of platforms based on ARM architectures makes it highly probable that Nintendo will continue to follow this path. .

As for Switch Pro, it is now clear that 2021 was the last useful year to be able to propose a mid-gen solution, which has not happened and that at this point will not happen until the new generation. In the meantime, there could be room for some further revision of the current hardware, in particular as regards that of the Switch Lite, which towards the end of the generation could be renewed to become the end-generation console, a bit like what happened with the New Nintendo 2DS. XL at the end of the 3DS generation. But this is just our speculation.


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