New York Fashion Week: Danna Paola surprised her followers by photo with Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian and Danna Paola were together (Photos: Gettyimages)

Danna Paola surprised his nearly 40 million of followers on Instagram with a photo in the company of kim kardashianthe meeting took place on September 9 during the catwalk of the New York Fashion Week.

“What a crazy night @fendi#fendibaguette ufffff”wrote the singer on her Twitter account, in which she published a series of photos of the outfit she wore at the Fendi event and was also seen with Sarah Jessica Parkerthe iconic actress of the series Sex and the City.

In the last photo of the reel, Danna Paola presumed that she was sitting next to another talented woman, that is to say Kim Kardashian. It should be remembered that the Mexican singer became an ambassador for the Italian line Fendi in 2021, that is the reason why he was present at that place.

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Danna wore a strapless dress, oval red glasses, a bag with gray with white, brown and black prints that could be from Fendi Baguette, long boots matching the color of her dress and Y2K necklaces.

While kim I use a sheer dress with silver diamond glitter from the Fendi brand as well. Both shone together during the event. In the other photos, the Elite star uploaded the view she had from her place on the catwalk and a couple of images in which she was seen posing in her impressive outfit.

His publication reached in a short time more than 900 thousand “Like” in this social network, including that of Angela Aguilar. Among the comments, messages such as “Epic” could be read by the singers Mau and Ricky; “Loba” by Ricardo Peralta and “I’m dying that you have a photo with me kim hug her very tight from me” by Daniela Ibanez.

This was the iconic photo (Credit: Instagram/@dannapaola)
This was the iconic photo (Credit: Instagram/@dannapaola)

On the afternoon of this September 10, Danna Paola continued to walk the streets of New York and added to her temporary stories his most recent release, i.e. XT4S1S.

Danna Paola recorded some sequences of this video clip in the Mexico City subway, but a comment after said recording introduced her to a controversy, as she said that it had been “an extreme experience”.

It was during an interview that he shared mtvwhere the interpreter of hits like Hey Pablo, Ordinary Love either Sodium talk about how he experienced recording the clip for his new single.

“I have to say that I had not gotten on the subway in Mexico City. I had taken the subway from other places and other countries, but I had to find the time and it’s not because I didn’t want to before or because I despised it, “she began to say.

Danna Paola was beaten for describing her visit to the CDMX subway as an "extreme but fun experience" (Photo: Youtube/@Danna Paola)
Danna Paola was beaten for describing her visit to the CDMX subway as an “extreme but fun experience” (Photo: Youtube/@Danna Paola)

Likewise, he mentioned that it was during his new launch, where he thought it appropriate to ‘venture’ to use one of the most used collective transport in the country’s capital.

“At this moment I liked it, I will upload my BTS of the experience, because It was an extreme experience to get on the subway, but above all because I had a lot of fun. The people who were in the subway were also very cool, so it was a super night, almost when they were going to close and it was a very top experience, I love the subway, “he concluded.

“I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.” “I’m his fan, but he did make me laugh. Extreme is that he recorded it at 7 am then it would be extreme”. “And me going by subway every day without having fun or being cool people”, “I wish I could say that I have never gotten on the subway, but it is the only thing that is enough for me to travel and even then I was not lucky enough to meet Danna”, “Extreme, hahahaha, very cool, now get on at rush hour and daily”, were some of the messages that appeared on social networks.

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