New trailer for ‘Wish: The Power of Wishes’, the most festive Disney to commemorate its Centennial

“Last night I made a wish upon a star, and the star… answered.” That’s right, in the most beloved style of Disney animated feature films. At this point it is impossible not to know that the Casa del Ratón studios This year they celebrate the Centennial of their foundation and for this they have devised Wish: The power of wisheswho have directed Chris Buck (co-director of Frozen and sequel) and Fawn Veerasunthornwhich will be his “star” film (pardon the redundancy) and which will also contain a multitude of references to his classics.

The story will take place in the fictional magical kingdom of Rosas, located “in front of the Iberian Peninsula” (which would catch us very close), in a period ruled by a tyrannical and capricious ruler, the Magnificent King. Her main opponent, and candidate to change things in the kingdom for the better, although she doesn’t know it yet, It will be a girl of only 17 years old named Asha.

But, of course, she would have a very difficult time alone, so she will find an unexpected and powerful ally in a small ball of fire, a cosmic force called Staralready a faithful companion in your pet, Valentino the goat.

Wish: The power of wishes is scheduled to arrive in our cinemas on November 24 (two days after its premiere in the United States), and after a first trailer last April, Disney has been encouraged to launch another one with new footage and in which we can also hear more of the main song, wishand that in the original English version the Oscar winner sings, for West Side Story, Ariana DeBose. By the way, the date of the creation of the Disney studios was October 16, 1923.

Trailer dubbed into Spanish

Trailer in original version in English

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