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New on Instagram: how to create an avatar to use in Stories

Since Facebook Happened to be called Goalthe company has joined to announce a number of new features aimed at integrating users into the metaverse that you are developing.


Instagram launched a new feature in January that is probably proving to be very popular in the application, and is the ability to create a Avatarwhether in Stories or in a profile picture. It should be remembered that creating an Instagram profile photo is something that platform users constantly ask for.

Also, it is important to know that until now, Avatars in the app are being tested on profile pictures and Stories, and that is why the feature is slowly being integrated into user accounts.

What are Instagram Avatars for?


So far, Meta has not reported the benefits that users who create Avatars will receive.

However, it is possible that in the future it will be used for accompany the publications and Stories of Facebook and Instagram, also the chats of WhatsApp in form of stickers.


This is how you can create an Avatar on Instagram

Then for create an avatar on Instagram, You have to follow the following steps in the app:

1. Open Instagram.


2. Select the section of the profile.

3. tap on the 3 horizontal lines at the top right.

4. Press on Setting.

5. Select Bill.

6. Finally tap on avatars.

The creator of Instagram Avatars is almost like the creator of Facebook Avatars. In fact, when creating a profile picture on Instagram, you can also choose the shape of your face, eyes, eyebrows or mouth for your profile picture. Also, when creating an Instagram profile picture, you can also choose your skin tone, hair style, body shape, and some accessories like clothes, hats, or piercings.

If you click on the icon of the mirroran image from the selfie camera will open and there oneself can be compared with the profile picture that has been designed.

When you’re done, click on To finalize.

Another option to create the first avatar is open the chamber of stories, choose the sticker icon and in the search engine write “Avatars” or “Avatars”. Remember that if the ‘Avatar’ option does not appear, it means that it has not yet been activated for the country where you live.

Do not forget that once the Avatar has been created, you can save and start using it in the Stories. Also, you can change your Instagram profile picture whenever you want.

How to use an Instagram Avatar in Stories

If the option is enabled and you can create your own Avatar, then there is a possibility to start using it in the Instagram stories.

In fact, to use the Instagram Avatar in Stories, all you have to do is create a story, touch the label icon at the top of the screen and select Avatar.

All you have to do is choose a profile picture that matches the story you’re creating and share it.

Instagram Avatars are quite attractive and are sure to be popular on the app. Anyway, users are already asking for a new update for use your Instagram profile photo when sending direct messages.


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