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New features at Telegram: Unlimited video calls and more at Telegram new update

New features at Telegram, telegram new update

The Messenger Telegram is once again expanded to include exciting functions in update 8.0. From now on you can add unlimited participants to group calls. Telegram new update makes the use of Telegram channels much easier and more fun.

  • Unlimited group video calls for groups and channels now possible with Telegram
  • You can hide the names of the senders when forwarding messages
  • You can now switch channels much more easily

Version 8.0 of Telegram is now available for download. The developers of the messenger are integrating some exciting innovations. Even if there are no completely new functions, the functionality of the WhatsApp alternative has been meaningfully expanded.

Group video calls with unlimited users

In the last update, Telegram expanded the group video calls to up to 30 participants. What was new then seems almost ridiculous now. Because from now on you can make video calls in channels and groups with unlimited users.

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This new function applies to both live broadcasts within a channel and video chats within a group. I wonder how many connections are really behind this “unlimited” number. Because of course, this code is only possible in theory, just like with Zoom and other services.


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There must be a physical limit to the number of simultaneous connections that Telegram’s servers can process at any given time. And the term “unlimited” must certainly be defined in the contract in a much more subtle and precise manner than one might think. Possibly with pages of legal explanations to cover yourself in case some smartass wants to test the limits of this unlimited number.

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But that’s not what this article is about.

The (somewhat) more anonymous forwarding of messages

In my instructions, I have already explained to you how you can use Telegram anonymously. One problem was that your username is always sent along with the forwarding of messages. The fact that someone can arbitrarily share one of your messages and embed a direct link to your profile including your name is not exactly reassuring and anything but anonymous.

While it is possible to prevent other users from submitting the profile, In Telegram new update it also allows the person forwarding a message to hide the name of the original author.

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Simply tap on “Forward message ” right above the message bar at the bottom of the screen, before forwarding the message. A preview window will then open in which you can hide the name of the author and the headline. You can also change the recipient (s) there.

In my opinion, this is the most interesting addition to the update!

telegram new update forwarded messages
You can hide the original author’s name before forwarding the message! / © NextPit

Swipe between Telegram channels

Telegram wants to make navigation between channels more intuitive and, above all, more ergonomic. From now on it is, therefore, possible to swipe through the channels that you are following without returning to the overview page. When you’ve reached the end of a channel, simply swipe up to go to the next unread channel. As simple as that!


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If you sort your contact list with folders or archived chats, the app now adapts to your individual configuration. So you swipe through the channels in the current folder, then through the respective folders and finally through the remaining channels. However, the application only offers to swipe a channel if it is unread. So scrolling isn’t as intuitive as it could be.

telegram update swipe unread channels
Simply swipe up and release to go to the next channel / © NextPit

New features at Telegram also have some changes to the stickers, comments within channels, or emojis that I won’t go into in this article. But I invite you to read Telegram’s blog post if you want to know more.


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