New design of Apple’s TV app raises anger

Right now IOS 16.2, Ipad OS 16.2, TV OS 16.2 and Mac OS Ventura 13.1 are being tested and one of the changes has caused many users to get annoyed.


Namely, Apple has changed the design of the TV app, which means that advertising for new content is placed above the TV series that you already follow.

Similar changes have already been introduced at many of Apple’s competitors, as the companies want to highlight their new films and TV series. The only problem is that it has thus become more difficult to continue looking at your favorites without first doing a new search.


Another annoyance is that the content that ends up at the top is automatically played, something that curbs the anger towards Apple.

According to Macrumors, the change is server-side, so Apple can roll out the new look for older operating systems as well if it wants to.

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