New Apple products on the way: iPhone 13, Apple Watch 7, AirPods and more

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Apple traditionally launches a number of new products every fall. The main focus is usually on the iPhone. This year, Apple seems to have a lot of confidence in its iPhone 13. The pre-order of over 90 million new iPhones is groundbreaking and arouses curiosity about the new flagship. In addition to new phones, there will be a new Apple Watch, new AirPods, and two new iPads.

iPhone 13 or iPhone 12s: Better camera and better performance

According to Bloomberg, there are innovations in the iPhone, especially in terms of performance. Apple will install a powerful SoC that ensures faster actions. The improved speeds could also support the improvements in the camera. The iPhone 13 is said to include a new feature on the name Cinematic video hears. The background of video recordings can be blurred in order to create a bokeh effect even when recording moving images.

With the size, on the other hand, not much should change. As with the iPhone 12, the sizes are 5.4-, 6.1- and 6.7-inch for the Max version. Apple has not changed anything in the design either. The Pro models of the iPhone 13 get a refresh rate of 120 Hertz.


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However, it is still unclear what Apple will call the new iPhone. Because the number “13” is considered an unlucky number in many cultures, Apple could instead bring out an S version of the iPhone 12.

Apple Watch 7: flatter display, new display technology, and faster processor

While the shape of the screen in the iPhone will most likely remain unchanged, the Apple Watch Series 7 should come with a slightly flatter display. In addition, Apple has given its smartwatch a faster processor and new display technology – and it will be launched with new Apple products.

In terms of fitness, Apple is also working on some improvements to Fitness + – a service that has not yet made it to Germany. This is a subscription model that offers fitness programs on your iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV.

New entry-level AirPods in AirPods Prostyle

Visually, something is happening with the AirPods, which are visually similar to the big brothers (or optionally sisters). However, the small generation does not get an ANC. This also means that the transparency mode, in which the headphones pick up and amplify ambient noise, is no longer necessary.

Two new iPad models planned

The iPad mini is to undergo a complete redesign and get an A15 chip, USB-C, and a fingerprint scanner. Presumably, the small Apple tablet variant is moving closer to the iPad Air.

The iPad itself is getting slimmer and faster, according to Bloomberg.

Since Apple is also supposed to have some new MacBooks in their luggage, really exciting autumn awaits us.

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