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New Android features coming soon: gesture control, Emoji Kitchen and more

New Android update, Android features

Google is looking into the cards when it comes to new Android features. It’s about accessibility and tools like Gboard and the Google Assistant that want to make our lives easier with new features.

  • New Android features include camera switches, Project Activate, and Lookout
  • Control TV with your smartphone
  • New features for Android Auto, Google Assistant, and Gboard

Google is unleashing a whole cornucopia of new features on Android users so that we can also enjoy many improvements independently of Android 12. In doing so, Google has mainly focused on people who are linguistically or motor-impaired.


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Controls the smartphone with gestures and facial expressions

Google is expanding the Android Accessibility Suite with some very exciting functions such as the Camera switch. The selfie cam is transformed into a kind of switch. You use the cam as an alternative to touch input or instead of a keyboard to operate your smartphone.

Project Activate follows the same lines: this new app makes it possible to express yourself with gestures and eye movements. You can use these gestures to trigger preset actions, for example sending the text “Please come here”, but you can also just play a sound like a laugh.

As the third innovation in this area, Google is introducing handwriting recognition for the Lookout app. This app also uses the smartphone cam to make life easier for people who are blind or at least have limited vision. Lookout reads handwritten text as well as printed text in document mode. The euro and the Indian rupee are also recognized in currency mode.

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Android fall update
The “cheer up” function will soon also be available to all Android users / © Google

Control TV with smartphone, Emoji-Kitchen and Android Auto

However, Google announced a few other interesting stories today. Compatible Google TV or Android TV OS devices can be controlled with the smartphone, which has some remote control functions. For the Google Assistant, you can manage your tasks in one place thanks to “Reminders”, and there are also helpful suggestions for recurring reminders.

For Android Auto, there is a new option to start entertainment based on personalized recommendations from Google Assistant, so that you can listen to podcasts, music or news. The “work profile” is now supported for commuters and at GameSnacks you can play a bunch of games while you wait, for example, for your car to charge. Last but not least, Google has also redesigned Waze for Android Auto and given the application a new design.

Google lets us know that these Android Auto features will soon be available on Android phones when connected to a compatible vehicle.

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Also new: You can use the previously Google Pixel-exclusive locked folder for Google Photos by moving photos to a password-protected area. In addition, three months after the last slide of new features, there is new food for the “Emoji Kitchen” on Gboard. Starting this fall, over 1,500 new stickers will provide even more options for combining emojis. Google has also improved Nearby Share and the “cheers up” feature, previously reserved for pixel phones, is becoming part of the “digital wellbeing” attitude.

With these two articles you can keep an eye on when your smartphone receives Android 11, or whether it can even count on Android 12:

Lots of new stuff, which we will certainly deal with in the next few weeks and which we will introduce to you in more detail if necessary.

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