Netflix will allow you to hold watch parties with a Discord bot

Now available in the United States and other countries – although Brazil is not yet on the list – the new Discord bot on Netflix has made it much easier to have watch parties with your friends. The news was announced by Twitter and was celebrated by subscribers to the streaming platform.


The so-called broadcast parties consist of the simultaneous streaming of the same title in a group. That is, you can watch movies and series with your friends, even if they are not in the same house.

Currently, the watch party function is already available on Disney+ and is highly requested by subscribers to other streaming platforms.

How will the Discord bot work on Netflix?


Although the functionality has not yet been released in Brazil, it is already possible to check the new feature in other countries, such as the United States.

To activate the bot, just use the command “/heynetflix”. It is available on the App Directory and allows groups of friends to watch series and movies and share their opinions in real time.


Each of the subscribers can choose their own video settings, such as quality, audio and subtitles, bringing a personalized experience to the watch party. In addition, the bot also provides a chat so that the group can talk with spoiler control.

(Source: Netflix/Play)Source: Netflix

So far, the streaming platform has not commented on the launch of the feature for Brazilian subscribers. So keep an eye out to find out when it’s possible to have streaming parties with Discord’s new bot!


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