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Netflix users will no longer be able to access the platform with their Facebook account

An interesting change is coming for all users who use the login of Facebook in your account Netflix and it is that they will have to forget about this form of login, since it will disappear in the coming weeks. The company is already warning its customers via email and also through the help center.

It is definitely a large group of users who have used Facebook login on Netflix in recent years. As well, Netflix will disassociate itself from Facebook on May 2, so not only will it not allow users to connect using this social networkbut the Netflix profile picture from Facebook will also disappear.

The Netflix help center helps create a password for its users

To do this, Netflix recommends carrying out a series of steps to create a specific Netflix password, which is the one that will have to be used to access, as of May 2, the Netflix account since the login can no longer be used. From Facebook. Among the steps they mention they state:

1. From a telephone O well computer, open a Web navigator and go to the address

2. then click login with facebook and enter the personal Facebook email and password.

3. Later, once you have logged in, you have to go to page

4. Simply through it change Password and click on save.

5. Now it only remains to open Netflix on another favorite device and login with new password that was just configured.

Please note that if you entered your own email and password when you signed up for Netflix, this May 2 change has no effect on one, and you must continue to use the same logins on your own. As mentioned above, this It only affects users who used Facebook login to sign in to Netflix.

Apparently, when this Facebook connection on Netflix disappears, the profile picture that has been set, and basically collected the profile picture of the Facebook account, it will also disappear and a default image of the platform will be received.

Obviously, you can go to the Netflix account and choose any other available avatar.

The best way to remove content you don’t want to continue watching on Netflix

To remove a content from the list ‘Continue watching’ on the computerjust place the cursor on the title in question and select ‘Remove from queue’.

In the case of televisions

You have to enter the information page of the series, movie or documentary that you want to delete and once in the menu, select the option ‘Remove from Continue Watching’.

On mobile devices

You have to open the menu of each title by pressing on the three vertical points in the upper corner to later select ‘Remove from queue’.

For all other devices

The most recommended option will be to remove the titles from the viewing history. To do this, you must access the account from a Web navigator and then that open the tab ‘Profiles and parental controls’ selecting the profile you want to update.

Once there, select ‘Display activity’ where a list with the episodes and series that have been seen will be displayed.

Here is to click on the icon ‘Hide’ (a circle with a diagonal line); if you decide to hide an episode, there will be the possibility of hiding the entire series in question, there’s even a ‘Hide All’ option located at the bottom of the page.

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