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Netflix turns 15: what has changed since then?

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Today (16), a very dear friend we have in common is turning 15 years old. We are talking about Netflix, which, in 2007, launched itself in the market of streaming services and, since then, it has only grown, gaining subscribers, shareholders, fans and haters alike (or did you think it would get away that easily?). No wonder, the platform is still considered by many as a reference in the area and continues to be the leader in the segment, with more than 200 million subscribers.

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But Netflix’s story didn’t start in 2007, as many might think. In fact, its trajectory began in 1997, when the company was founded by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph, in Scotts Valley, California. At the time, the company did not venture into streaming, but rather into renting DVDs, which were chosen online by users. That is, the transition to streaming happened only ten years later.

But the question remains: how has Netflix evolved during all this time? Let’s get to the facts!

Netflix completes, in 2023, 15 years of existence with lots of entertainment and controversy along the way.Source: Shutterstock

15 years of Netflix: what has changed?

Since its streaming makeover in 2007, Netflix has operated as a subscription service. Something that had already been tested in the final phase of DVD rentals and that had already proven to work very well. However, in the beginning, those interested in receiving online content from Netflix had only one standard package to choose from.

Now, in 2023, Netflix offers four different plans, with different price ranges and quality levels. They are: basic, standard, premium and basic with ads. The latter, incidentally, is the most recent of all and emerged as a way to increase the number of subscribers to the platform again, which had dropped dramatically in 2022.

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Original content also represents a huge change in these 15 years of Netflix. Or could it be that, in 2007, the company dreamed of producing its own titles, with big stars and stars, making huge profits and even participating in prestigious awards? Well, maybe not. But, here we are and, month after month, Netflix launches 100% authored films, series, anime and documentaries in its catalogue, also becoming a major production company.

Because of these productions, it is safe to say that Netflix has acquired the status of a pop culture phenomenon. Today, the company is no longer just a “company” but an integral part of the entertainment world, the “mother” of much-loved characters and works that linger in fans’ imaginations. A status that few companies have achieved.

And, you, what do you think of Netflix in 2023?

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