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Netflix: the plan with ads would already have an official launch date

Netflix’s cheap plan would already have a release date. (photo: Archive)

The low-cost, ad-supported plan of Netflix may launch sooner than you think. The streaming platform is working to configure its cheapest subscription, so that it is available to users as quickly as possible. It is estimated to be released on November 1and no longer in 2023, as had been speculated.

The reason for this push is none other than beat Disney+. Mickey’s house is scheduled to launch its own ad-supported version of the service, called Disney Basic, on December 8.

If Netflix hits the mark, it will be just over a month ahead of one of its strongest rivals, which recently overtook it in terms of subscriptions.

You also have to be careful

While Netflix’s low-cost, ad-supported plan could launch in less than two months, globally that’s not the case. This means that, initially, it will only reach certain countries. The complete list is not yet known, although it has been mentioned to United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany and France as the first to receive the list.

At this time, Netflix has neither confirmed nor denied the possibility of launching its subscriptions with ads on November 1. This date was originally mentioned in a Wall Street Journal report on the commercial strategy that the company will apply to add advertisers.

The aforementioned media has reported that, according to one of its sources, the company intends that brands commit to advertising for a full year and complete orders by the end of September through advance payment.

Netflix will put a limit of 20 million dollars per year for each company that wants to advertise in its cheap plan, as it has been known.

Netflix logo.  (photo: REUTERS/Dado Ruvic)
Netflix logo. (photo: REUTERS/Dado Ruvic)

Everything that is known about Netflix’s cheap and ad-supported plan

Rumors surrounding a cheap Netflix plan have been circulating for several months. But the company only chose to make it official after learning that had suffered a sharp drop in the number of customers. However, official details about its implementation are still scarce.

Initially, it was learned that the company’s original intention was to launch the economic record in the last quarter of the year. New details have emerged for months that suggest that it will indeed be available in 2023 and that it will not grant access to the entire catalog available on the platform.

Smartphone with Netflix logo is placed on a keyboard in this illustration taken April 19, 2022. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic
Smartphone with Netflix logo is placed on a keyboard in this illustration taken April 19, 2022. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic

Then came the information that subscribers to the Netflix low-cost plan could not download series and movies for offline viewing. The public did not like something, especially when it was said that the price of the plan would be between USD$7 and USD$9 per month.

Steve Moser, a developer of iOSdiscovered a phrase in the application code to iPhone which confirms the above: “Downloads available on all plans except Netflix with ads.”

As for the ads themselves, Netflix has chosen microsoft as a provider of technology to integrate them into their “programming”. The company’s idea would be to broadcast ads of no more than 4 minutes for every hour of reading, dividing them into clips of 15 and 30 seconds.

will appear before and during series Y filmsbut not in all. This is due to the fact that Netflix original productions will not show any type of promotional content, although, logically, it remains to be seen if this will finally be the case.

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