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Netflix: The best 5 tricks to watch series with friends online, customize subtitles and more

Netflix It’s one of the streaming services most widely used internationally. Even more so with the popularity of Teen Mom 2, which became a worldwide trend and made it possible to attract new subscribers to the platform. However, this service that has served many in pandemichas certain secrets that can be applied without problems.


Is about 5 data that are not well known about the platform and that allow a better interaction for consumerswho seek greater comfort on Netflix. TechMarkup brings them below.

5 tricks to perform on Netflix


Netflix is ​​constantly renewed: not only are icons from the past, distant or near, added, but the list is also full of content produced by the same platform, that in recent years have become some of the best productions of the movies and the television contemporary.

This immense sea of ​​content and proposals can be overwhelming, even confusing at times, so it is important to know all the tricks of the platform to make the most of it and take advantage of all its functions:


1. Enjoy a series or movie with another person

The extension available for Google ChromeNetflix Party’allows two remote users to watch any content available on the streaming platform at the same time, completely synchronized.

Download Netflix Party for Google Chrome:


2. Delete a series

When you start watching a series on the Netflix platform, the portal saves this information and every time the person accesses their profile, the content is displayed in the section Continue.

However, it may happen that the user has not enjoyed the episodes so far and wants to leave the series; that is, you want to stop appearing in ‘Continue’ or ‘Keep watching’.

If so, there is a way to remove this content: within the profile, we have to go to Bill and then to Aviewing Activity, where are they all the series or movies that are shown or are in progress.

At that moment, the user can delete the desired content himself.

3. Quality assistance

If you have any questions or problems, the Netflix streaming portal offers a differentiated support system for its users.

Anyone with an account can log in to, where there is also option to ‘live chat’ (start live chat) or ‘call us’.

4. Hidden categories and secret codes

There are specific codes created by the company that facilitate access to certain categories and subcategories. Each genre and subgenre, for example the subgenres ‘Action’ or ‘Classics’, they have their own search code to facilitate navigation.

To use them, you have to enter the following in the URL:, where ‘xxx’ is the specific code you want.

On the official What’s On Netflix site it is also possible to access the lists, ordered alphabetically, where all the content available on the platform is specified: it is possible to filter by group of age, feature, language, genre, movie by decade, by director, by network, and by franchise.

5. Customize subtitles

By default, Netflix subtitles are white, medium, and softly highlighted with a drop shadow.

However, each user can create their own style: you have to access More > Account > My profile and select how the subtitles should be displayed.

The platform offers dozens of options: subtitles in pink, blue or green, as well as the possibility of doing theletters even more legible with a black frame.

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