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Netflix: streaming will reduce monthly prices in Brazil?

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Netflix, known as the ‘streaming giant’ in the entertainment universe, does not take this affectionate nickname for nothing. The company was one of the first of its kind to emerge and, in addition to having established series and films, it also has original works that are much celebrated by audiovisual fans, including titles such as Stranger Things, The Witcher It is Wandinha. However, there is something that the platform’s subscribers are not very fond of: its values.

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  • Netflix will reduce subscription fees in 30 countries

Over time, Netflix’s monthly fees have only gone up, which has greatly bothered service users. Something, by the way, that the company realized and, as a way of calming down, decided to reduce subscription fees in about 30 countries. The news was given yesterday (23), by The Wall Street Journal, and reveals that the changes will reach the regions of the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Europe. But will Brazil also receive reductions?

After a long time, Netflix will reduce the prices of its subscriptions in about 30 countries; Brazil is not included.Source: Gettyimages

Unfortunately, Netflix does not plan to reduce its values ​​on Brazilian soil. At least for a while. The information has already been confirmed by the platform’s advisory. In Latin America, only Nicaragua, Ecuador and Venezuela will have the reduction. According to the publication, the decision is a strategy to attract more customers, since competition between streamings is increasing, and the new prices will be charged in the next monthly fee for users covered by the ‘discount’.

streaming war

Among the streaming services currently available on the market, Netflix remains one of the most expensive. In Brazil, the platform has four plans: Basic with ads (R$ 18.90); Basic (R$ 25.90); Standard (US$39.90); and Premium (R$55.90). If we compare them with the values ​​offered by other tools, it is possible to notice the discrepancy that has bothered fans of series and movies, who question the high prices charged for the red.

HBO Max, for example, announced an increase in its monthly fee in the United States in early 2023 (the first since the launch of streaming). The price goes from $14.99 to $15.99, an increase of 7%. In Brazil, however, the monthly price remains the same: R$ 27.90 (a value that changes to R$ 24.97 for the quarterly plan and R$ 19.99 for the annual plan). That is, a difference of R$ 28 if we consider Netflix’s highest quality plan.

  • HBO Max: subscription price increases in the United States

In 2022, Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV+ also readjusted their values, which jumped from BRL 9.90 to BRL 14.90 (increase of 50.5%). Even so, prices are well below those seen on Netflix. To give you an idea, the platform’s Basic plan with ads, which features commercials and quality of only 720p, is more expensive than those offered by Amazon and Apple (which bring more quality and do not have ads).

In this sense, Netflix has tried to compete with other platforms, which also include Paramount +, Disney + and Star +, which have captured a considerable share of the market and are growing more and more. However, we may see the reign of the tudum come to an end at some point in the future. It will be?

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