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Netflix still has no date to end password sharing

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Netflix scared users around the world recently by launching a support page showing its method to end password sharing on service accounts. However, in a statement shared by the The Vergethe company said it still does not have a date to launch the novelty.

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According to the company, the support page with details on how the company will block users who share a password was released in error. Despite having appeared globally, the rules are only valid for the countries where the solution is being tested, such as Chile and Peru, according to the company.

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Kumiko Hidaka, a spokeswoman for Netflix, told the The Verge that the company plans to release the solution by the end of March, but is not yet releasing the novelty in a comprehensive way. “Moving forward in the first quarter, we expect to roll out paid sharing more widely.”

Charge for password sharing

In tests since last year, paid password sharing is one of Netflix’s solutions for the company to raise more funds from its subscriber base. According to company estimates, more than 100 million households use shared accounts on the streaming service.

On the recently published page, the company explained that it will use the Wi-Fi connection, identifiers such as IP and user behavior to know when an account is being shared. Thus, devices outside the main household will be blocked from the account.

Users sharing their Netflix account will be able to migrate their profiles to a new account or pay an extra fee, less than a full plan, to continue sharing their account. According to the estimates of TechWorld made based on the values ​​practiced by the company, the charge can be around R$ 10 in the country, but the value has not yet been confirmed by the streaming.

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