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Netflix: See list of all series canceled in 2023

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Does Netflix have a love affair with series cancellations? Jokes aside, the fact is that the streaming giant has a high rate of cancellations of serial productions, which, despite being a certain success with the public, do not earn continuations. For you to have an idea, in 2022 alone, the platform canceled no less than 20 titles (more than one cancellation per month).

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  • Netflix says it never canceled popular shows

In 2023, Netflix’s cancellation saga continues firmly. In just over two months, 7 series have already been boxed by streaming and will no longer see the light of day (or, rather, the screens). Below, therefore, check out all the 2023 series canceled by Netflix.

Remembering that this list will be updated as new cancellations arise.


From the same creators of dark (Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese), 1899 debuted with huge hype, promising great mysteries and intriguing narratives. Although most of the public liked the series, however, the work was canceled by Netflix in January 2023, leaving the production without an appropriate end (since there was a huge hook for a 2nd season).

The plot followed a group of immigrants of different nationalities who traveled from the old continent towards the United States. However, the ship they find themselves on is filled with secrets and shadowy figures.

Department of Conspiracies (Inside Job)

Launched in 2021, the animation even won a renewal for its 2nd season in June 2022, however, Netflix went back and canceled the series in January 2023. The information was even confirmed by the creator of the work. “I am heartbroken and confirm that Netflix has canceled Season 2 of Inside Job. Over the years, these characters have become real people to me, and I am devastated not to see them grow up,” Shion Takeuchi said on Twitter.

“Reptilians? True. Moon landing? False. Keeping the world’s conspiracies a secret is quite a job for this antisocial scientist and her quirky colleagues,” reads the description of the series on IMDb.

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The Chair

Starring Sandra Oh, the unforgettable Cristina Yang from Grey’s Anatomy, The Chair was another series that didn’t survive the wave of Netflix cancellations. The production was officially cut from the streaming service’s plans in January 2023, despite having gained some fans.

The official description of the Netflix series reads: “At a renowned university, the first female director is challenged by the high demands and expectations of a department in crisis.”

Dead End: Paranormal Park

Another animation that “was basic” on Netflix is Dead End: Paranormal Park, adapted by Hamish Steele, widely celebrated for its LGBTQIA+ representation and insightful comedy. As well as the other works listed so far, the production was canceled in January 2023, after having premiered in June 2022 with two seasons.

In the plot, we see two teenagers and a pug who team up to fight demons in a haunted amusement park. More than that, they need to save the world from a supernatural apocalypse.


The great return of Neil Patrick Harris to the role of comedy series did not work out very well, according to Netflix. Uncoupledwhich brought the star of How I Met Your Mother again for the small screen, it premiered in July 2022, but was canceled in January of this year. According to some reports, the reason for the cut would have been low ratings.

“Stunned after a breakup with his longtime boyfriend, a New York realtor grapples with the expectations of starting over – and dating – after 40,” reads the official synopsis for the series on Netflix.

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Juvenile Justice

“A hard-line judge who believes in justice and punishment lives the day-to-day life of a juvenile offender court.” This is the plot of the series Juvenile Justicefrom Netflix, which had 10 episodes before being canceled by streaming in January 2023, even though a 2nd season was confirmed.

Despite having many Korean productions pumping on its platform, Netflix judged that K-Drama did not attract the expected audience and cut it during its pre-production.

Hot Head (Hot Skull)

The first victim of February was the series hot skull. The Turkish sci-fi drama, despite showing potential, did not survive Netflix’s ax and ended with just 8 episodes. One of the actors in the production has already admitted that he will not return for more seasons.

“In this dystopian reality, an epidemic spreads through verbal communication, but a linguist is immune to the disease. And he will be hunted for it”, reads the official synopsis.

So, which Netflix cancellation has infuriated you the most to date?

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