Netflix “Red Note” will get two sequels in one fell swoop and a new star

“Czerwona Note” was one of the most expensive projects that Netflix has undertaken to implement so far. It looks like the financial risk has paid off as the site is already planning to make sequels. Two at the same time. Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot, and Ryan Reynolds are set to return, but also gain another star to accompany them. Whom?
Netflix does not publish anything like box office results, so it is very difficult to measure the box office’s box office success. We know, however, that “Czerwona note” had the best start of all the films of the platform so far. In the future, someone will probably dethrone the production in this ranking, but so far even the popular “Don’t look up” has not been able to do so. Serious plans for a sequel are therefore not a big surprise.

Interestingly, the “Red Note” almost hit theaters instead of VOD. Universal and Legendary won the production rights at the auction, but the label later began to doubt the worth of spending $ 200 million on the budget and acting salaries. Netflix did not have a similar dilemma and quickly won the Rawson Marshall Thurber movie for its library. Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds, and Gal Gadot turned out to be a sufficient magnet for viewers, because, according to the reviewers, “Red Note” did not turn out to be an outstanding action comedy. On the contrary.


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Red note – two new films. What do we know?

Maybe it will be better in sequels. “Red Note” will get two films that will be shot simultaneously.

According to the Deadline portal, photos for both productions are to start in early 2023. According to unofficial sources, Thurber has even started writing screenplays. The decision to shoot two films at once shows the scale of Netflix’s confidence in the brand. The company is said to be keen on the return of Gal Gadot, Ryan Reynolds and Dwayne Johnson, but they also want to expand the series. That’s why another Hollywood bighead will be added to this group in the sequels. Everything, of course, in the name of building your own movie universe. For now, it is not known who exactly could join the cast. The surname market will probably start soon.

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