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Netflix premiered “Relic Hunters: Rebels” that could be played for free and even on old mobile phones

Despite his worrying loss of subscribers Netflix keep updating your services library and adding new mobile games. Since yesterday you can enjoy your latest release Relic Hunters: Rebelsdevised by the Brazilian developer Rogue Snail.


This game is the latest in the series of Relic Hunters where there are colorful shooters. For those unfamiliar, it’s a sci-fi role-playing game (RPG) with an emphasis on being a shooter so you can try and experiment with a total of 44 different weapons.

Anyone can play this title, because according to the developer studio it was designed so that all mobile phones including old ones could play it smoothly. Like all Netflix mobile games, Rebels is free for all subscribers who have the app installed on their phone.


Since last year, Netflix has ventured into video games in a serious and committed way, including titles such as league of legends spinoffas well as acquiring developers like Boss Fight Entertainment, Next Games and Night School Studio.

The streaming service even launched a daily interactive trivia series and announced plans for two TV series based on the mobile game Trivia, also known as asked. Other games that will be added this May are:


Exploding Kittens

In this case there is a special situation, because the game will not come alone, but will be the prelude to the launch of a series based on the same card game. The mobile version will maintain the dynamics of the game that inspires it: players have to draw cards and the goal is to avoid the “explosive kitten.

However, the adaptation will have two exclusive cards, to give the experience a variant. The Radar card will serve to reveal the position of the explosive kitty closer to the top of the deck. Flip Flop, on the other hand, reverses the order of the cards in the deck. But that is not going to be all and they anticipated that later they will reveal other cards with special functions, which will also be able to be seen in the animated series. In addition, it can be played alone or among several players.


“Our goal is to provide our members with quality entertainment that they love and can enjoy in any format, be it a game or an animated series. As we continue to expand our catalog of games, it is a pleasure to partner with the Exploding Kittens digital team and Dire Wolf Digital to bring to life this wonderful game for all ages, which also includes some exclusive updates for our members, “he said. Leanne Loombedirector of Netflix External Games.


Just a few days ago, through its social networks, 11 bit studios anticipated that Moonlighter -your title RPG action with roguelite elements– It will soon have a mobile version through the Netflix video game section.

In the game users have to step into Will’s shoes, a merchant who dreams of becoming a hero. Beyond managing their own store in the village called Rynoka -which they will be able to improve and add employees-, players will also be able to defeat different enemies and bosses through what they present as complex combat mechanics. In addition, they will be able to collaborate to grow the town in which they live and access a crafting system and spells which is key to progress in the game.

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