Netflix Password sharing crackdown: Now password sharing with friends is likely to get harder

Online streaming sites have long been in charge of the media these days. Netflix is the biggest, has produced some award-winning shows and films as well. Some other streaming sites have also made a strong mark recently with Amazon Prime, Hotstar, Disney, and HBO being famous of them. Netflix Password sharing crackdown has been started against those who share subscriptions with friends.

Netflix biggest headache:

The biggest issue these streaming platforms face is the Sharing subscription of accounts. The user who gets the subscription never minds sharing the account with their counterparts. Only to ensure they have to pay a less chunk of the subscription amount. This issue is long getting Netflix in trouble because they are unable to widen their platform. Because there may be many users using Netflix under a single account.

Netflix now recently has come up with a plan to tackle this issue.

Introduction of Authentication System:

As with any other social media platform which asks for authentication when trying to log in from unknown devices, Netflix will do the same now. Whenever you will try to log into your Netflix account it will ask to verify your identity. For this Netflix will use the email or the phone number and the user will get a code on it. Only on verifying user will be allowed to watch movies and shows or else it would deny them access and will offer a subscription offer.

Basically, the purpose of the Netflix Password sharing crackdown is to ensure that only a family living under one roof would be able to use one account. No other individual from outside would be able to join in. This experiment is still in the trial phase and can take a while to be finally get implemented. Actually, Netflix conducted a survey in America in which 4/10 users were found to be using Netflix on sharing basis. That urged Netflix to think about that keenly. Now Netflix has decided to do a Crackdown against password sharing.

On the contrary, Netflix may bring back the feature of “first month free” which they abolished last year to have a watchdog over its users. It will lure the user towards Netflix and will help them widen their platform.

However, the effectiveness of this experiment can only be checked when its implemented. For now, you can have a ball enjoying somebody’s account for few bucks.

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