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Netflix: how to remove any user from an account

Netflix. (photo: REUTERS/Dado Ruvic)

Now any user can remove or expel a person from an account Netflix without the need to change the password. A new announcement from the company confirms the release of an enhancement related to devices and the account access.


In this way, any TechMarkup reader can now remove an unwanted device from an unwanted device in seconds, be it the cell phone of an old friend who, for reasons of life, are no longer. Or even a former partner’s laptop.

The function is called Manage Access and Devices, which in Spanish would be Access and Device Management. This section shows information about the connected devices, what profiles they are using, what they have seen and from where.


Netflix defines this feature as something that gives members “additional control over their account.” For example, they give a hypothetical situation where a family or a person goes on vacation somewhere. Here, a person logs into their Netflix account from a hotel TV. The problem is that “a lot of people forget to log out afterwards.” This feature is for those people.

However, by now everyone can understand what this new option will normally be used for: remove members you no longer interact with for a while and at some point you were (or were) given access to our account. Of course, this problem will end when the company expands its password sharing restrictions to the rest of the world, which did not go down well with a large section of users.


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Step by step to remove someone from a Netflix account

First, it is important to clarify that the Manage Access and Devices feature is compatible with all versions of Netflix. From those that a person uses in a pc either laptopeven those used in cell phones iOS either Android.

If you want to remove someone from your account, you must follow the following path:

1. Go to Setting from account.

2. Under Security and privacy, find Manage Access and Devices.

3. Then you can see the connected devices with a description (Roku, Android, Phone, Chrome PC, Windows 10 and others); as well as the IP address, location, and the date you last saw this device.

(photo: Netflix)
(photo: Netflix)

To remove someone, all you have to do is click the button Sign off on the screen of the selected device. Once this is done, Netflix recommends changing the password so they can’t access the account again.

This feature is especially useful for those who have subscribed to Netflix’s Basic package or the new Basic with Ads service. After all, users on these plans can only access one screen at a time, so if an unwanted user logs in, they won’t be able to access that account until that person ends their viewing session.

How to transfer a profile to a new account on Netflix

1. With a Web navigator, log in in the account that has the profile with which you want to start a new account.

2. Visit the Account page. Or, this option can be found in the profile selection dropdown menu on the home page.

3. Select the profile with which you want to create a new account in the section Parental profiles and controls.

4. Choose the option To transfer in the section transfer profile. Note: A copy of the profile will remain in the original account.

Transfer of profiles. (photo: Netflix)
Transfer of profiles. (photo: Netflix)

5. Enter the address of email and the password that you want to use for the new account.

6. Follow the notices that appear on the screen to complete the account setup.

7. Once the profile transfer is complete, the new account will be ready to use.

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