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Netflix has added a new category for short movies

The biggest box office hits they no longer last exactly an hour and a half or two, because they are often stretched (there are exceptions, of course, like Sonic the Movie, but that’s unusual).


That is why Netflix has created a special category for people who don’t have much time to watch films: Short-Ass Movie.

Although it is not yet implemented in countries of Latin Americaif you put it in the search engine, you will be able to obtain a list of works corresponding to the hour and a half mentioned above.


Of course, Netflix, in the official statement, has specified that it will not take more than two weeks to be available to all users in the world.

How the Short-Ass Movie category works


Feature films have been all the rage in the world of series or movies since the arrival of streaming platforms. It’s not that there are no more movies that were longer than two and a half hours, but they were shown in a more classified way and were not considered mainstream.

However, with the success of television series, feature films are now extending their running time to tell a more complete storydelving into any character to open the door to extras, stories, sequels, or franchise-building intentions.

With the aforementioned context, Netflix have decided that it was time to create a category dedicated exclusively to short-term content.


The most interesting thing is that It is not an idea that Netflix had, since it was created after praising the 90-minute movies that were broadcast on Saturday night Live, and leaving behind long-term works on a lower plane.

The impact of this moment was such that it reached the ears of several Netflix executives and it came true.

This is an extremely useful tool that allows you to choose movies from “quick view” if you don’t have the time to watch other movies of almost three hours. And well, it is that not everyone can spend so much time in front of the television.

this catalog It will soon be integrated into the Netflix platform for everyone. Meanwhile, if you close the search system, you can also get this result. Either way, you can search “1.5 hour movies” to obtain the same score as the Short Film.

2 Netflix tricks to improve the user experience on the platform

– Enjoy a series or movie with another person

The extension available for Google ChromeNetflix Party’ or currently known as ‘TV Party’ It allows two remote users to watch any content available on the streaming platform at the same time, in a completely synchronized way.

Download Netflix Party for Google Chrome:

– Delete a series

When you start watching a series on the Netflix platform, the portal saves this information and every time the person accesses their profile, the content is displayed in the section Continue.

However, it may happen that the user has not enjoyed the episodes so far and wants to leave the series; that is, you want to stop appearing in ‘Continue’ or ‘Keep watching’.

If so, there is a way to remove this content: within the profile, we have to go to Bill and then to display activity, where are they all the series or movies that are shown or are in progress.

At that moment, the user can delete the desired content himself.

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