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Netflix has a new feature that predicts what the user wants to watch

Netflix wants to show its users more content related to what they really like and that’s why it added a new reaction button.

From today, the popular streaming platform offers a feature called exactly ‘I love it’, that allows all users to give a kind of ‘double like’ to the series Y films that have captivated them.

This option is located next to the traditional ‘Like’ and ‘Dislike’ buttons and is now available on all platforms with Netflix: iPhone, iPad, Android, SmartTV and the web. The objective of the service is to ensure that users receive recommendations based on their tastes, even more precise than those currently available through its algorithms.

Netflix recognizes that it is sometimes difficult to gauge whether or not a certain audience likes certain content; so the new ‘I love’ option aims to more easily identify what really generates a special attraction for users. So, for example, when using this option with a specific title, the recommendations will include more products with similar themes, or with the same actors and actresses.

“Consider the double thumbs up as a way to adjust your recommendations to watch even more series or movies influenced by what you love. A ‘Like’ still lets us know what you liked, so we use this response to make similar recommendations. But a ‘I love’ helps us to be even more specific with the recommendations for you”, indicated on the official Netflix blog.

The mythical ‘I love’ button of Facebook, comes to Netflix with a different objective

It’s still too early to find out if the “Love” button will bring the results promised by Netflix. The only way to verify it will be if users start using it now; and depending on their experiences, it will be possible to corroborate the effectiveness of the new implementation of the streaming platform. There is not much more science than users.

However, this combination also clearly shows that Netflix is ​​still unable to clarify what its best ratings are. It should be remembered that the online service has left the “normal” classification system with stars in 2017; Since then, use the ‘Like’ and ‘Dislike’ reaction, so its algorithms improve recommendations by providing a percentage affinity with the title for each user.

However, this method has not been exempt from critics and controversies. After all, two available options have not provided nuance and it’s the ‘I love’ option that should change everything. From there to achieving it, it is a different discussion.

The new Netflix button can easily identified because it shows two hands with thumbs up. As mentioned above, this reaction is available both on the pages dedicated to each series or movie, and in the contextual menu that can be displayed from the main screen of the service.

You may also be eligible when pausing playback and in the period between the end of a chapter or feature film and the start of a sequel.

There may be users who still do not have the ‘I love’ button available, and they just have to wait. When new features are released with a global reach, it usually takes time to reach certain countries or regions. If you plan to use Netflix from a mobile phone, tablet or TV and want to make sure you have it as soon as possible, it is recommended to update the applications to their latest versions.


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