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Netflix Games: surprise, iPhone users can now also enjoy it

Netflix Games for iOS

A week after launching Netflix Games on Android, the video streaming platform has, on the sly, made its five games available on the App Store. Not without making some concessions to Apple in passing …

Netflix games are also available on the App Store

Netflix games are also available on the App Store // Source: FRANDROID

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This was the surprise announcement at the start of last week: launched in three countries in the summer, Netflix Games was finally available to the rest of the world, but the rest of the world with only Android tablets or smartphones.


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What to leave the owners of iPhone and iPad on their hunger, the fault of the strict rules of the Apple Store, we heard everywhere. However, Netflix had assured on Twitter that the deployment on iPhone would be done very soon. And that was obviously a faint word.

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Netflix gives in to Apple’s purchasing system

Spotted by Mark Gurman on Tuesday, who assured Sunday that it would take time, the five games announced by Netflix are however already present on the App Store. On our iPhone too, it is possible to download Stranger Things: 1984, Strangers Things 3: The Game, Teeter (Up), Card Blast, and Shooting Hoops. The same five titles are available on Android.

Netflix's Stranger Things: 1984 Game is available on the App Store

Stranger Things: 1984, the Netflix game, is available on the App Store // Source: FRANDROID

But there is still a small specificity. If on Netflix on Android, you go through the game icons that are found in the application and that require a download from the Google Play Store (via a direct channel, do not try to fake by going to download them without being subscribed to Netflix), on iOS, it is not.

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The games are present individually like any other game or even like any Apple Arcade title within the Apple store. It was also one of the sticking points for the arrival of cloud gaming service applications which had to make one file per game to meet the drastic access conditions to Apple devices.


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Netflix games on the app store

Netflix games on the App Store // Source: FRANDROID

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Here, each game has its own file and can be downloaded for free. On the other hand, on closer inspection, your game is automatically linked to your Netflix account, but this does not appear at launch. If you want to enjoy the game without being a subscriber, you are then offered to subscribe to Netflix… through the App Store and therefore through Apple’s payment system. This means that Netflix has agreed to donate the 30% commission fee. It’s Epic Games and Tim Sweeney who are not going to like this game when they had obtained the right to override…

Netflix Games: surprise, iPhone users can now enjoy it too

A small revolution while the platform had been taking advantage of a certain form of privilege for years to escape the famous system. The desire to expand its audience for its games has possibly got the better of the Los Gatos firm’s desires.


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