Home Entertainment Netflix dares to work with Adam McKay again after ‘Don’t look up’

Netflix dares to work with Adam McKay again after ‘Don’t look up’

Netflix dares to work with Adam McKay again after 'Don't look up'

Since the turnaround that he gave his career with the big gamble, adam mckay he wanted to be more incisive and uncomfortable with each new comedy that he gave birth to. After inquiring into the 2008 crash tackled the infamous trajectory of Dick Cheney in The vice of powerand recently premiered in Netflix don’t look up warning against climate change (and stupidity in general) while giving the platform the second most viewed original film in its history. With this resume McKay should have no problem getting his next project off the ground.

But it has been so. In recent months the script of Average Height, Average Build (“Standard weight and build”) has been around several offices, without anyone daring to finance it. Specifically, McKay received the refusal of Manzana, and it was due to two reasons. On the one hand, in the style don’t look up, Average Height, Average Built part with a hilarious cast, which would require a very comfortable budget. And on the other, it has a very delicate theme, capable of irritating the political sphere.

It got to the point that McKay had to promise his potential partners that the film would not satirize any particular political party. Apparently that has convinced Netflix, although surely the great performance of don’t look up in your catalog. Thus, The Hollywood Reporter confirms that Netflix will work for the second time with McKay, having the idea of ​​shooting this summer to release the film throughout 2024.

The cast that was so intimidating to several producers is made up of Robert Pattinson, Amy Adams (second collaboration with McKay after The vice of power), Robert Downey Jr., Forest Whitaker and Danielle Deadwylerwhich this year will garner very good reviews with Till, the crime that changed everything. McKay has already hinted that this cast will continue adding succulent names in the coming weeks.

But what is it about? Average Height, Average Build? Why this fear of financing it? McKay’s comedy centers on a resourceful serial killer, played by Pattinson, who develops a strategy to make his job easier. Thus, he associates himself with various pressure groups and manages to modify the laws so that murder is an increasingly less serious crime, the character of Adams being his great ally.

It is a very suggestive approach, and the script that McKay has written has already been able to back down several companies. Director of Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy goes for all

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