Netflix clears. The platform closes with “Space Forces” and an animation from Meghan Markle

Netflix has no mercy for its projects. The platform is in the process of deleting new productions. She has already given up a number of films and series. More and more projects are constantly being added to the growing list of canceled projects. This time it was the animated “Pearl” by Meghan Markle and “Space Forces”.


After a significant drop in subscribers , Netflix is ​​running amok. Once again, he announced the fight against users sharing access to his account, he wants to introduce a cheaper subscription option with advertising and changes his production plans. He is resigning from subsequent projects . No title is safe.

After the Oscar gala, where Will Smith slapped Chris Rock , Netflix gave up ” Fast and Loose ” and “Bright 2″ with the actor without batting an eye , the animation department practically liquidated and deleted a number of movies and series. More productions have just been added to the long list of productions canceled in 2022. They are the ” Space Forces”and” Pearl “, for which Meghan Markle was to be responsible .

Netflix clears the Space Force after Season 2


Netlix explained the deletion of “Space Force” after season 2 in the standard way. The viewership results did not justify the high production budget. In this case it is true. According to global data, the last installment of the series was included in the top of the most popular titles of the website only in one week. Between February 21 and February 27, users watched it for a total of over 12 million hours.


This number may seem high, but the results of Netflix’s biggest hits are a long way from now. The deletion of “Space Forces”, despite the famous names in the cast, did not attract enough users. So the resignation from the show seems justified. It is completely different in the case of “Pearl” from Meghan Markle.

Netflix deletes the animated series from Meghan Markle

According to Deadline , Netflix has just resigned from “Pearl”, which was to be the first result of cooperation with Archewell Productions. The animated series, announced in August last year, made a lot of noise in the public space. After all, the aforementioned company was founded by Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

“Pearl” was one of the many projects included in the agreement between Netflix and Archewell Productions. The platform has so far only given up this one. Others, such as the documentary series “Heart of Invictus”, may still be made.


Nevertheless, after the recent Netflix decisions, we must hurry up with watching movies and series on the platform and not get used to the projects announced by it. It can be seen that after an unexpected drop in subscribers, the service will not hesitate to give up even potentially profitable productions signed with famous names.


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