Home Entertainment Netflix: check out streaming releases in February 2023

Netflix: check out streaming releases in February 2023

Netflix: check out streaming releases in February 2023

Netflix released, this Wednesday (25), the complete list of productions coming to streaming in the month of February. In addition to premieres and new seasons of series, the service will receive new films, documentaries and anime.

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Among the highlights of the month are the 4th season of youthe new episodes of Outer Banks and the romantic comedy film At Your House or Mine?starring Ashton Kutcher and Reese Witherspoon.

February premieres on Netflix

new series

  • Freeridge – February 2 nd

A group of teenage friends buy a strange box and now have to reverse the curse that has ruined their lives.

  • Classes – February 3rd

Three young people from a poor neighborhood enter a highly regarded elite school in Delhi, where secrets and gossip can have fatal consequences.

  • You (Season 4) – February 9

Joe starts life over in London with the promise to bury the past and be a better person. But the road to redemption is a crooked one, and soon a new obsession emerges.

  • red rose – February 15th

A group of teenagers must survive a terrifying summer after downloading an app that issues dangerous orders with deadly consequences.

  • Three Lives – February 22

After discovering that she has identical twin sisters, a detective begins a dangerous journey to learn the truth about her past.

  • Outer Banks – February 23

The Pogues head to the Caribbean and new territories in search of adventure, but end up getting involved in the dangerous search for the legend of a lost city.

new movies

  • Fearless – February 3rd

An Australian teenager is chasing her dream of becoming the youngest person to sail around the world solo.

  • dear david – February 9

A model student has only one secret: a steamy crush blog. But her life is turned upside down when stories about her are leaked to the entire school.

  • At Your House or Mine? – February, 10th

Despite being opposites, Debbie and Peter are great friends. They switch homes for a week, and that experience could open the door to love.


  • Re/Member – February 14th

Six students trapped in a time loop must find the body parts of an unknown victim to break this curse and end the cycle of horror.

  • My Name is Chihiro – February 23

An irreverent former escort starts working at a restaurant in a small town on the coast and makes everyone who crosses her path happy.

  • ghost and co – February, 24

Kevin’s family goes viral when they discover a ghost named Ernest haunts their new home. But when Kevin helps Ernest investigate the past, they all become targets for the CIA.

New documentaries and specials

  • African queens: Nzinga – February 15th

Blending dramatization and documentary, this series charts the rise and reign of Queen Nzinga of Angola amidst family betrayals and political rivalries.

  • F1: Drive to Live – February, 24

In each relentless Formula 1 season, drivers, managers and team owners experience great emotions on and off the track.

make my dayDisclosure/Netflix

new anime

  • Detective Conan: Hanzawa, the culprit – February 1

In this spoof derived from Detective Conan, a suspicious silhouette with a thirst for blood moves to a dangerous city.

  • make my day – February 2 nd

On a distant, icy planet, prisoners forced to mine a rare energy source make a grisly discovery.

  • Aggretsuko (Season 5) – February 16

This season, Retsuko faces the biggest challenge of her life as she falls into the world of politics. Vote for Retsuko!

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