In all wars there are casualties, and that of Netflix against shared accounts he has already left a good number of his own. According to statistics from the consultant Kantar (via Bloomberg), the platform’s measures to prevent its users from sharing access data has resulted in more than a million users lost during the first quarter of 2023.

According to the same source, measures such as the introduction of a monthly (5.99 euro) for households that share subscriptions, as well as technical efforts to detect such shared subscriptions, would be related to these figures. According to Kantar, two-thirds of this million users were using someone else’s password to access Netflix.

This fall is no small feat, since it triples the number of casualties in the Netflix service that took place during the previous quarter. The consultant also points out that, even if these deserting users did not have paid subscriptions, its abandonment will be a hard blow to the platform, since it will reduce the popularization of your products through recommendations among viewers.

In addition, 10 percent of the remaining Netflix users have considered cancel their subscriptions during the second quarter of this year, add the report. A figure well above that registered during previous periods.

Netflix’s measures against shared accounts were put into practice in several Latin American countries and later moved to Portugal, Canada and New Zealand. The platform acknowledges that the announcement of the new rates has been accompanied by “a cancellation reaction in each market”.

Although the VOD service does not provide data by country, it does admit that More than 100 million people around the world use an account that you are not subscribed to.

However, Netflix prefers to be optimistic: although did not meet its growth expectations During the first quarter of 2023, the platform ensures that its war against shared accounts and its new subscription plan with ads will lead to an increase in subscriptions during the second period of the year.

At the moment, moreover, the figures seem to prove him right, since two of the five most watched VOD series in Spain during the first months of 2023 they belong to its catalogue. The company opened its first European production center in Madrid in 2019, expanding it to double its size at the end of last year.

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