Home Entertainment Netflix announces 8 new Korean reality shows for 2023; check out

Netflix announces 8 new Korean reality shows for 2023; check out

Imagem de: Netflix anuncia 8 novos reality shows coreanos para 2023; confira

Netflix revealed on Friday (10) at least Eight South Korean Unscripted Productions Coming to Catalog of streaming this year. New series include reality shows and variety shows for all tastes, like dating and relationship, physical stamina, mind games and even zombies.

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According to streaming, subscribers will be able to enjoy a new unscripted show every month or quarter. Check out the details of each production below:

Singles, Islanders and Desperate

The third season of Singles, Islanders and Desperate will arrive with changes in the rules and the location of the recordings. The reality, based on Playing with fire, places 10 men and women on a deserted tropical island. There, they need to find love.

According to Netflix, the first season of Singles, Islanders and Desperate became the first Korean non-scripted show to debut on the Global Top 10 list of non-English language series.

  • Release date: 4th quarter

19/20 – Nineteen to Twenty

According to the official synopsis of the production, the reality shows the last week of teenagers from generation Z before they turn 20 years old. At that time, they learn practical lessons and prepare for adult life. Then, on January 1st, they begin to live in a space where they are independent of their parents and teachers.

  • Release: 3rd quarter

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The Battle of the 100

The Battle of the 100 premiered in January on Netflix and is currently in the Top 3 of streaming. In reality, 100 participants with excellent physical preparation face extreme tests to be in first place and take the cash prize.

Siren: Survive the Island

In another reality competition, we follow 24 women from different professions – including stuntmen, police officers, firefighters, among others) competing to survive on a deserted island. In total, they spend six nights and seven days on an uncharted island, fighting for survival with aggressive mind games and teamwork.

  • Release: 2nd quarter

The Devil’s Game

“In this mind-blowing survival game, participants compete for a week to try to take first place and win the grand prize,” says the synopsis.

  • Release: 3rd quarter

zombieverseZombieverse will show survival experience in a world with zombies


To take advantage of the success of All of Us Are DeadNetflix announced the series zombverse, where the contestants fight for survival as Seoul is attacked by the undead. “To make the setting more realistic, we involved the art team from All of Us Are Dead while the zombies were trained by the choreographers of Kingdom,” explained Netflix.

  • Release: 3rd quarter
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