Netflix: All releases in November 2022 on streaming

Netflix released, this Wednesday (26), the complete list of productions that arrive next November on streaming. In addition to premieres and new seasons of series, the service will receive new movies, documentaries and anime.


Among the releases of Netflix is ​​the long-awaited fourth season of manifestthe fifth season of The Crown and the premieres of Wandinha and 1899. In terms of films, the highlight is Enola Holmes 2which arrives at the end of the month.

Netflix premieres in November

new series

  • Young Royals – Season 2 (November 1st)

Struggling to accept his new royal duties, Wilhelm fears that the title of crown prince will jeopardize everything he loves.

  • blockbuster (November 3)

The manager of the last active Blockbuster struggles to keep the store open and the staff happy amid fierce competition and sentimental chaos.

  • manifest (November 4th)

Amidst the chaos, the Stone family and the passengers of Flight 828 try to understand their calls and the ominous signs that continue to appear.

  • The Crown (9 of November)

With Diana and Charles shaking up the media, Queen Elizabeth II faces her biggest challenge in the 1990s: the public debate over the role of the monarchy.

  • Rational: From the Streets of São Paulo to the World (November 16)

Armed only with music, influential hip-hop group Racionais MC’s turned street poetry into a powerful movement in Brazil and around the world.

  • 1899 (November 17)

The journey of a group of immigrants on their way to the new continent turns into a nightmare when they find another ship adrift. From the same creators of Dark.

  • Dial Friend to Kill – Season 3 (November 17)

Jen and Judy became friends because of a hit-and-run. Now, another shocking accident will alter the future of their friendship.

  • Elite – Season 6 (November 18)

In Las Encinas, young people are looking for love, revenge or millions of followers. But will they survive?

  • Wandinha (November 23)

Smart, sarcastic and half dead inside, Wandinha Addams investigates a murder spree and takes the opportunity to make new friends and enemies at Never Again School.

  • blood and water – Season 3 (November 25)

It’s a new school year at Parkhurst College. Puleng and Fiks search for a missing loved one, but their perseverance could put them in danger.

new movies

  • Enola Holmes 2 (November 4th)

In her first official case, Enola must find a missing girl. For this, she has the help of her friends and her brother Sherlock.

  • A Christmas Fall (November 10th)

After losing her memory in an accident, a spoiled heiress (Lindsay Lohan) is placed in the care of a charming widower and his daughter at Christmas time.

  • My Father’s Dragon (November 11th)

On a mysterious island full of ferocious animals, a boy goes on fantastic adventures with a very special friend. Starring Gaten Matarazzo, Ian McShane and Whoopi Goldberg.

  • Monica, O My Darling (November 11th)

A robotics expert becomes embroiled in a plot of passion and murder. But nothing is what it seems, not even death.

  • The miracle (November 16)

In 1862, an English nurse (Florence Pugh) haunted by the past goes to an Irish village to investigate a young woman’s supposedly miraculous fast.

  • Christmas with You (November 17)

In search of inspiration for a song, a pop star decides to fulfill a Christmas wish and ends up finding a chance at love.

  • land of dreams (November 18)

A brave young orphan embarks on a journey through dreamland to find a magical pearl and fulfill her greatest wish. With Marlow Barkley and Jason Momoa.

  • the swimmers (November 23)

Filled with courage, two young sisters leave war-torn Syria and embark on a risky journey towards the 2016 Rio Olympics.

  • Santa’s Diary (November 24)

A writer goes to spend Christmas in the house where he grew up and ends up crossing the path of a woman in search of her biological mother.


  • The History of Black Cinema in the USA (November 11th)

Historian and cultural critic Elvis Mitchell traces the evolution and revolution of black cinema, from its origins to the impact of 1970s films.

  • In your hands (November 16)

With Western forces withdrawing, Afghanistan’s youngest mayor faces mortal dangers in the fight for education for the next generation.


  • lookism (November 4th)

Enjoying singleness, Anzu doesn’t even think about dating. Until a magical being turns her life into a true romantic comedy.

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