Netflix adds TikTok-like short video option to TV app

Netflix adds TikTok-like short video

Now Netflix’s Fast Laughs or To Laugh feature will come to television , which allows you to watch short videos similar to those found on TikTok . This feature was only available for smartphones.

The TV app will let users watch videos that are about 30 seconds long with comedic and funny scenes from Netflix shows and movies, with the aim of showcasing newly added content and helping decide what to watch.

If any of the content turns out to be to the user’s liking, the user can react with the LOL ( Laugh Out Loud ) or Hahaha button, add to the list, share and play. But if you don’t like it, you can move on to the next one with the arrow buttons on both sides that help you go back or forward.


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The Fast Laughs or To Laugh option was launched in early 2021 on mobile, and having been well received, Netflix will add it to the TV application. It should be noted that it will be starting in a test phase and that it will arrive gradually.

Netflix adds TikTok-like short video
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Unlike the Play Something or Shuffle function, it allows you to review content suggestions. It’s also curated by Netflix staff, which means it’s personalized and less boring than going through all the lists in the library.

Another point in favor is that Fast Laughs does not suffer from algorithms, so the user will be able to see content that the library would normally hide, finding other things that are of interest even if they are not part of his usual tastes.

In any case, this option will not reach all regions, as it will slowly be added to the US, Canada, UK, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland and “other select English-speaking countries”, so most will have to keep debating with Netflix’s algorithms to find other movies and series in its library.

The trick to access the hidden Netflix catalog

To do so, you must first access the Netflix account from a web browser, since the option is not available in the application for cell phones and tablets or for televisions.

-In the search engine you must write “ Netflix Category Lookup

-Once inside you will see that all the categories of the library appear

Netflix has a wide catalog of movies and series , although at the beginning there are almost always the same titles, there are many more than the hidden platform and you can access them with a few simple clicks.


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From there, everything that follows depends on the user’s ability to navigate and have patience reviewing the wide variety of genres (21 in total), among which are:

Cult Movies

-Bollywood Movies


-Faith and Spirituality

-Independent Movies



The categories and the site appear in English, however, when one is selected, another tab automatically opens with the titles available in Spanish.

Although it is an option that has nothing new, it can serve those who are tired of Netflix always recommending the same thing , even choosing the random option . In addition, although it can only be accessed from the browser, you can save the movies of interest by adding them to the list and thus be able to watch them later on television.


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