Netflix: 5 Great Hidden Shows That Deserve Your Attention

Netflix is ​​one of the streamings – if not the most – famous worldwide and its productions usually gain great repercussion. Series like Stranger Things🇧🇷 The Crown and the most recent Dahmerfor example, fell into the mouths of the people as soon as they were released.


Other equally good productions, however, do not receive the same attention from the public, for different reasons. But don’t worry, check it out 5 great series hidden in the Netflix catalogbut worth your attention:

5. The Operators (2017)

The Operators is a Spanish original Netflix series that deserves your attention. In the plot, we follow four women, who start working as operators in a telephone company in Madrid, in 1928. There, they must struggle to find a place in a world dominated by men.



4. the innocent (2020)

Based on the book by Harlan Coben, the series tells the story of Mateo (played by Mario Casas) who, nine years ago, intervened in a fight and ended up killing a person. Full of twists, the production also has Aura Garrido, Alexandra Jiménez and Jose Coronado as protagonists.


the innocentPlayback/Netflix

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3. Revenge Cherry Flavor (2021)

Based on the book of the same name by Todd Grimson and published in 1996, the production follows Lisa, a Brazilian filmmaker who moves to Hollywood in the early 1990s to shoot her film.

Upon arriving there, she is betrayed and humiliated by a powerful producer in the industry. Now, she seeks revenge, but realizes that nothing is as it seems in the city of angels. “Lisa finds herself in a mind-blowing world of sex, magic, revenge… and kittens,” reads the synopsis.

cherry flavor revengePlayback/Netflix

superstore (2015)

superstore was originally broadcast on NBC and follows the employees of a convenience store. With captivating characters and acid humor when tackling issues such as labor rights, the series should hold your attention throughout its seven seasons.


Behind Your Eyes (2021)

In the series, which is a true treasure hidden in the Netflix catalogue, a single mother enters a dangerous game when she has an affair with her boss and befriends his enigmatic wife. The production stars Simona Brown, Eve Hewson and Tom Bateman, and is a full plate for fans of suspense and mystery.

behind your eyes Playback/Netflix

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