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Nest Wifi Pro is Google’s new router to access the latest Wifi service

Nest Wifi Pro. (Photo: Google Blog)

Google has announced the launch of the new Nest Wi-Fi Proyour new router for wireless networks, which includes the novelty of support Wi-Fi 6E. This not only speeds up home networks, but also ensures low latency and reduces the chance of interference from other wireless connections.

Wifi 6E allows Nest Wifi Pro to use your tri-band system. This means that the device can use frequencies of 2, 4, 5 and 6GHz. According to the tech giant, the router constantly analyzes the connection to optimize speed and avoid congestion.

In addition, you can prioritize tasks that require more bandwidth, such as streaming of films Y series waves video calls.

The Nest Wifi Pro in everyday home use

An interesting point of the Nest Wifi Pro is that if the user uses, for example, three devices to create a network in your home, you can choose which one to use as a router.

Since the devices are the same, they can all act as routers or network extension points; although, of course, not at the same time. The Californian company guarantees that 100 devices can be connected per router and up to 300 throughout the network.

And do you have any point against? Google explained that Nest Wifi Pro works as a standalone system. Therefore, it is not compatible with previous generation routers, both Google Wifi and Nest Wifi.

This means that those who already have the network on previous generations of devices will have to remove it if they want to take advantage of the new product.

Nest Wifi Pro. (Photo: Google Blog)
Nest Wifi Pro. (Photo: Google Blog)

Nest Wifi Pro will also bring support for the Matter standard

Another important point about the Nest Wifi Pro is that it integrates a so-called “border router” or “border router”, which allows it to connect to smart home devices that use the protocol Thread.

But that’s not all, because it also promises support for the new standard Matter announced last year by Google, amazon, Manzana Y ZigBee, among others. In fact, Mountain View users can rest assured that their Wi-Fi 6E router can be used as a hub to add and manage all Wi-Fi compatible devices. technology.

Standard Matter.  (photo: MuyComputer)
Standard Matter. (photo: MuyComputer)

And what is the Matter standard? Well, the background of this one is very simple, but very important for the development of this industry. It basically works like this: smart devices can work in parallel with any voice assistant or connected home system.

Either Siri HomeKit from Apple, Alexa from Amazon or the google assistant. Matter’s first certifications were made late last year, and it was extended to devices based on Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Thread Y Bluetooth Low Energy.

It is also important to mention that the Nest Wifi Pro is configured and controlled through the Google Home app. In fact, the company completely redesigned it to prepare for the launch of Matter, but without removing compatibility with some of the older Nest devices.

How to share the Wifi password with a QR code

– Open the app shortcuts in a iPhone either iPad.

– Now tap on the section Gallery at the bottom of the screen. Here what will be done will be download the shortcut already createdso you don’t have to do it yourself from scratch.

– Write “Wifi” in the top search bar (include the “-”).

– Tap on the icon Plus (+) to add it to the shortcuts.

– Go to the tab my shortcuts, in the bottom bar.

– Play Wi-Fi QR.

– Write the Name of the connection.

– Now, save it in the gallery to share it or search for it whenever needed. For it, tap on the image.

– Finally, choose the button Share in the lower left corner of the screen, and then touch Save Picture.

Share Wifi password with QR code.  (photo: iPhone/Jose Arana)
Share Wifi password with QR code. (photo: iPhone/Jose Arana)

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