Natalia Téllez confessed if she would like to become a mother again: “I better not even move her”

Natalia Téllez confessed if she would like to become a mother again: "I better not even move her"
Natalia Téllez confessed if she would like to become a mother again (Photo: @natalia_tellez/Instagram)

Without a doubt, one of the Mexican presenters who has managed to win the respect and affection of national audiences is Natalia Téllez, who since 2018 has been part of the cast of presenters of the successful TV show Unicable, Divine Nets.

Since his first appearance on the hit pay-TV show, his presence on screen alongside Paola Rojas, Consuelo Duval, Daniela Magún and, more recently, Galilea Montijo was well received by the avid fans of the late-night show unicable.

On this occasion, her classmates Divine Net they filled with praise the ex-host of Telehit prior to the premiere of his new film, sick love Among the compliments towards her person, Galilea Montijo and Daniela Magún let her know that her daughter had arrived with “the cake under the arm”.

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Given the words of her colleagues, the also histrionic –who just over 7 months ago became the mother of little Emiliajoked and said that he would be encouraged to have a family of “eight”, but later retracted: “No, I don’t want to, I don’t think so, I think I’m fine”, highlighted between Natalia Téllez.

Subsequently, She delved into the possibility of becoming a mother on a second occasion during the edition of the program that had Adriana Louvier as a guest.

Being honest, being a mother was the greatest fear, after dying, being a mother was the greatest fear of existence and it has turned out so well that since I am incredulous and since there is something cynical about me that even when everything goes well I say ‘better not I move him because then who knows if it goes wrong’. Everything has turned out so incredible that if I had another boy, then he would behave badly, we would hate each other, ”she confessed to her companions.

(Photo: Instagram/@natalia_tellez)
(Photo: Instagram/@natalia_tellez)

Her response caused a series of laughs among the production by saying that she fears that the future will surprise her with a bad move: “It is that fear that poop will fall on the cake,” Natalia Téllez Martínez concluded.

To finish, he made a small sketch of his decision-making: “Sometimes I am that person who (is asked): ‘What ice cream? we have the cherry special with a caramel ribbon’. ‘Cajeta because if the caramel ribbon is culer * you’ve already ruined my ice cream, I want the cajeta’”, the 36-year-old actress remarked with laughter.

Throughout his career within divine net, Natalia Téllez has been totally transparent before her audience about personal issues such as her relationship as a couple, her pregnancy, her current motherhood and a host of other topics.

(Photo: Instagram/@netasdivinastv)
(Photo: Instagram/@netasdivinastv)

However, where he has shared that he has had more complications it is without a doubt in her stage as a mother, because it is a process that, at the time, he never imagined facing.

In this context, recently the Mexican actress born in Mexico City revealed that she has a type of postpartum depressionbecause she has experienced many emotions, as well as how difficult it was to deal with her pregnancy when she had not yet shared it with anyone and had to carry a heavy workload with her.

“I don’t know if it’s postpartum depression, but what I feel is, in the same hour or even half an hour, 20 minutes, the joy, the most infinite happiness and then I feel hell, the deepest fear and terrorbut over a period of time I say ‘this is not normal’, he said last May.