Natalia Subtil attacked Sergio Mayer for withdrawing her daughter’s pension: “They threw me a tantrum”

The Brazilian will ask Sergio Mayer Mori for a pension before the law. (Instagram photos: @sergiomayerb, @smayermori, @nataliasubtil)

The bickering between Natalia Subtil, Sergio Mayer Mori and the former member of Garibaldi They keep giving you something to talk about. And it is that they are all involved in the controversy since the Brazilian publicly pointed out her ex-partner because supposedly it has been several months without contributing financially to Mila’s expenses, the daughter they had in 2016.

Although the young actor has already denied the accusations and during a meeting with the media at the Mexico City International Airport he assured that he has tried to maintain constant communication with his eldest daughter despite the fact that he moved to Spain with his new conquest, Subtil maintains his position and demands that you fulfill your obligations as a parent, not only with alimony, but also living with Mila.

In the last hours the claims escalated to another level because Natalia Subtil confirmed that Given the refusal, she is seeking to assert her daughter’s rights legally, he made it known during his recent visit to windowing. But that was not all, he also confessed that does not have a prior agreement since both she and her ex-partner had agreed on all the issues related to her Mila without further complication.

The agreements we made before mouth were never fulfilled“, said. “When I get pregnant, grandfather [Sergio Mayer] He sent me an agreement I never signed it because it seemed ridiculous to me that I couldn’t leave Mexico City with my daughterthey were very strong points and he also said that the father had to put half of all expenses, “he continued.

According to Natalia, if she signed the agreement, she could not leave the country to visit or work in her native country without authorization. Thus the years passed, apparently they had not had such strong problems until a few months ago, when Sergio Mayer Mori stopped giving a pension to his daughter.

“When did you start your project? [Rebelde] It started to help me, but there I think his father found out that he was helping me and asked me to cut off the helpI think it didn’t seem right to him or I don’t know […] It seems too much for them to do it, it is not a help because it is their obligation,” he said.

Natalia commented that her former mother-in-law, Bárbara Mori, prefers not to get involved in this issue.  (Instagram photo: @nataliasubtil)
Natalia commented that her former mother-in-law, Bárbara Mori, prefers not to get involved in this issue. (Instagram photo: @nataliasubtil)

Natalia commented that before all this Sergio Mayer came to support her financially to pay for her daughter’s expenses, however, it was not something frequent, in addition to the fact that it did not correspond to him, but to his son. She also explained that right now He decided to raise his voice because he hoped that one day his ex-partner would reconsider.

As a mom, our instincts come out and I hoped that at some point he would take over and it never happened. Later I felt that they threw me a tantrum to take away what was helping Mila, Mila’s father 10 thousand a week, because he no longer wanted to work with the grandfather.

According to what he said, some time ago he had planned to launch himself as a singer for children’s audiences and was about to achieve it, but when Sergio Mayer joined the project he began to feel uncomfortable, because he considers that there was a certain degree of “manipulation” and he abandoned everything. In fact, they were planning to launch a TV show under the same project.

Sergio Mayer Mori with his daughter.  (Photo: Instagram@nataliasubtil)
Sergio Mayer Mori with his daughter. (Photo: Instagram@nataliasubtil)

“I composed the songs, we made the videos and he [Sergio Mayer] come in at the end to help with the contacts and everything I had, but there begins a type of manipulation and I do not begin to feel uncomfortable because of the way he talks and treats,” he commented.

Finally, he assured that if he can support his daughter on his own, but he considers that if Mayer Mori contributes both, they could offer Mila better opportunities.

If I can help my daughter, but obviously if the father helps, it’s much better.

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