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Natalia Oreiro’s confession about the day she kissed Ricky Martin: “I chapé” The Uruguayan actress told behind the scenes of an anecdote involving the Puerto Rican singer during his time in Argentina several years ago

Natalia Oreiro's confession about the day she kissed Ricky Martin:

The actress told what was behind the scenes of the moment she kissed the singer during the recordings of Sos mi vida

Natalia Oreiro combines her facets as an actress, singer, host and designer. Throughout his career he faced various work challenges, but also on some occasions he united his passions. During his time on the radio program lap and a half (Urbana Play) recalled an anecdote that took place more than a decade ago: the day he kissed Ricky Martin. After assuming that she was already one of his fans since before she met him, he recounted behind the scenes of what happened when they met in Argentina.

In 2006 it premiered You’re my lifethe telenovela starring the Uruguayan actress – in the shoes of boxer Esperanza Muñoz, alias the monkey– along with Facundo Arana, who played Martín Quesada, a businessman who feels a crushing crush from the first time they see each other. The successful Polka strip was on the air on the screen of El Trece for a year, with 231 episodes. When the expected end was near, The Puerto Rican singer participated in one of the episodes and an unexpected scene took place there.

“Would you tag Ricky Martín?”Sebastián Wainraich asked her when she was invited to the radio cycle, and Oreiro answered without hesitation: “Yes, I covered it”. Shocked, the driver asked him to develop how it had happened, and explained that although it was part of a fiction, there were some details that emerged as a result of improvisation. “We went to a supposed scene that we were going to record with him, and when we arrived we realized that it was a meeting with their fans, one of those things that the producers arrange, and they threw us there like fans”, he detailed.

The Puerto Rican singer had a fleeting appearance in the soap opera and kissed the Uruguayan actress

He also highlighted the work of his cast partner at the time, Fabiana Garcia Lake, who was her accomplice to act as two fanatics, without losing the characteristics of the characters they played. “With Fabi we said: ‘Let’s row it’, and we got into this Meet & Greet, and at one point speaking, he tells me: ‘I love you, I’m going to give you a kiss’, and I in character, of course, but we gave each other a hickey”, he finished.

The same year in which he had his fleeting appearance in fiction, the artist had spoken of his participation with Jorge Guinzburgand anticipated: “I think I’m going to make myself, just as I am”. Said and done, during his performance he was seen signing autographs from his fans, who held posters, t-shirts and records ready to ask for his signature. The actresses starred in a fun moment, where they asked for his autograph, and after kissing Don Oreiro, the singer also gave García Lago a beak.

“I am married to Martín, I just got married, but well, if you kiss me, no one will find out,” Natalia joked in that scene, referring to the plot of the novel. At the end of July the actress spoke with teleshow in a relaxed chat and assured that he has plans to make some musical releases soon. “This week I was up late making a music video. Me I am an actress who sings and the truth is that I really enjoy singing in the movies, on TV or putting out my own songs”, he said. And he confessed: “I love music, it gives me joy and takes away a bit of the rigor of the actress.”

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