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Naruto: Kushina Uzumaki cosplay delights even non-anime fans

Imagem de: Naruto: cosplay de Kushina Uzumaki encanta até quem não é fã do anime

When it comes to the greatest anime of all time, we certainly need to put naruto in the discussion. Launched in 2002, the work, adapted from the manga by Masashi Kishimoto, released in 1999, remained on the air until 2007, with 220 episodes. Afterwards, the anime won another part, entitled Naruto Shippuden, which ran for over 500 episodes. That is, in all, the original production had 720 episodes.

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In these many chapters of naruto, several striking characters emerged throughout the narrative, including Kushina Uzumaki, mother of Naruto. Although she hasn’t been alive since the beginning of the story, her presence is made through flashbacks, which show us a little more about the ninja who originally came from Vila do Remoinho. Despite the short screen time, the character won the hearts of fans and even yielded some very interesting cosplays.

One of them is the one created by the artist Izanami (@izanamitan), who shared on Instagram her incredible version of the figure of naruto. In her post, she says: “Don’t underestimate Hanabero!”, and ends by praising Kushina Uzumaki, stating that she is one of the most imposing ninjas in the franchise. “One of the strongest and most beautiful kunoichi for me”.

Check out Kushina Uzumaki’s beautiful cosplay:

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A post shared by Izanami – CG Artist (@izanamitan)

In naruto, we find out later that Kushina died in a clash with Kurama, the Nine-Tails demon. At the time, Kushina used what was left of her chakra to contain the creature. Naruto’s mother then offered to seal the demon in her body so that she could die with her.

Where to watch Naruto?

The first part of the classic anime from naruto, which has 220 episodes, in which we see the protagonist’s early years in the struggle to become a ninja, can be watched through Crunchyroll streaming. The premiere season was also available on Netflix previously, but left the platform’s catalog in October 2022.

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Already the second part of narutocall of Naruto Shippuden, which features 500 episodes, can also be seen on Crunchyroll. However, only the first 112 episodes are available in dubbed mode. The other chapters can be watched subtitled.

For those who don’t want to pay anything to relive the nostalgia of Naruto, some parts of the anime are also available on PlutoTV streaming, which is free.

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