Naruto: discover the 8 best references hidden in the episodes

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One of the most popular anime series of recent years is, without a doubt, Naruto. Originally released in 2002 by TV Tokyo and featuring a charismatic and dreamy character, production was only completed in 2007, after nine seasons.

Later, the same broadcaster launched Naruto Shippuden, a continuation that yielded many more episodes and was set a few years after that initial outcome. In this way, many characters interacted with the protagonists and many references were noticed throughout the presentation of the story.

So, below, you can check out some of the most interesting references that were hidden in the episodes. Enjoy!

8. Pakkun

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Kakashi Hatake is capable of summoning eight different ninkens. These ninja dogs have more refined senses than the common ones and very particular abilities. And among Kakashi’s ninken is Pakkun, perhaps the smallest of them.

Although it did not appear in the narrative so soon, it is possible to visualize it in the form of a keychain in one of the first episodes of the classic series. In “A New Chapter Begins: The Chunin Trial”, Naruto is seen unlocking his door with a key and Pakkun was already there.

7. The Uchiha clan

(TV Tokyo/Play)(TV Tokyo/Play)Source: TV Tokyo

The public followed many episodes in which it was possible to hear stories about the massacre suffered by the Uchiha clan. That way, for most of the series, it was evident that Sasuke was the last Uchiha still alive, right?

However, right at the beginning of the 15th season of Naruto Shippuden, a boy appears dressed in a t-shirt in which it is possible to visualize the symbol of the Uchiha clan. From that mysterious appearance, many unanswered questions remained in the air.

6. The queue for the bathroom

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Although it has many dramatic moments, the series has also become known for its good humor. Something that evidences this can be seen in the episode of the Great Sports Festival of Konohagakure, when Naruto is not very well and constantly needs to go to the bathroom.

However, as it is an event with a very wide audience, the queue for the bathroom is gigantic and the character suffers a lot until he can relieve himself. So, curiously, when your eyes wander down the long line, some of the Hidden Leaf clan members are also there waiting their turn.

5. The movie blood prison

(TV Tokyo/Play)(TV Tokyo/Play)Source: TV Tokyo

Released in 2011 in most Japanese cinemas, the film Naruto: Blood Prison sent the protagonist of the series directly to prison, being accused of a crime he did not commit. Once at Hozuki Castle, the young man began a new training, even gaining allies, so that he could prove his innocence.

And in a scene from the titled “The Decision of the Five Kages”, the 17th episode of the 9th season of Naruto Shippuden, you can see some posters of the production right behind the smoke caused by Killer Bee. The subtle way of publicizing the feature film that was showing was quite daring and creative.

4. Guren’s figuration

(TV Tokyo/Play)(TV Tokyo/Play)Source: TV Tokyo

Several times in the series, the audience was able to follow some impromptu tournaments, in which the main ninja battled until they found out who was the strongest. And during one such match, Guren, famous for her Crystal Release Kekkei Genka, was seen in the audience.

While many other different and even weird figures were among the crowd for the season 19 finale, her unmistakable look ended up standing out. Even so, many fans never noticed the character.

3. Who was there?

(TV Tokyo/Play)(TV Tokyo/Play)Source: TV Tokyo

There are very important characters for the narrative construction of the series, such as the antagonist Orochimaru. In a specific flashback, it is possible to visualize a crowd whose members positioned on the left side were facing away.

Thus, many fans believe it to be a representation of Orochimaru as a young man. Others speculate that it is actually Neji from the Hyuga clan, who was part of Might Guy’s Team Guy with Rock Lee and Tenten.

2. King Kong Ninja

(TV Tokyo/Play)(TV Tokyo/Play)Source: TV Tokyo

In the title “Terra a Vista! The Island Paradise?” seen in Season 10, a giant gorilla known as King-Chan was introduced in the anime.

With many similarities to the legendary King Kong, several references to the films of this sinister creature were developed throughout this same episode. It is worth noting, for example, that the island where the characters find King-Chan has many similarities to the original Skull Island.

1. Haku in the crowd

(TV Tokyo/Play)(TV Tokyo/Play)Source: TV Tokyo

To close the list, another sequence with a crowd in which the animators decided to put a lot of references for the fans. This time, that crowd is seen in the fourth episode of season 8, when a contagious disease causes an outbreak among all the characters.

Within this context, someone very similar to Haku appears among so many different figures. But was Clan member Yuki really there?

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