Home Entertainment Nandor Fodor: Neil Gaiman Plays Talking Possum in Comedy

Nandor Fodor: Neil Gaiman Plays Talking Possum in Comedy

Nandor Fodor: Neil Gaiman Plays Talking Possum in Comedy

According to Deadline, Neil Gaiman, creator of Sandman, Netflix’s hit series, will voice a talking possum in Nandor Fodor🇧🇷 The dark comedy was written and directed by Adam Sigal and is inspired by the parapsychologist who existed in real life and gives the production its name.

In addition to Gaiman, the cast also includes Simon Pegg, Minnie Driver, Christopher Lloyd, Tim Downie, Ruth Connell, Paul Kaye, Gary Beadle and Drew Moerlin.

“I read about Gef, the mysterious talking possum, when I was still in school, in a book of real ghost stories. So I never thought I’d narrate a movie about his exploits-more than that, which would be his voice. However, the chance to work with old friends like Simon Pegg and Minnie Driver is irresistible and I hope to live up to the mystery”, declared the writer to the portal.


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As yet unreleased, Nandor Fodor is produced by Sasha Yelaun and Dominic Burns, with DJ McPherson, Chelsea Newell, Drew Moerlin, Peter C. Cubba, Michael Breen, and Brian Katz and Thomas Zambeck serving as executive producers. New information should be revealed soon.

Who is Neil Gaiman?


Neil Gaiman is a British author of short stories, novels, comics and screenplays. He is known for works such as American Gods and Good Omens.the second in partnership with Terry Pratchett.

However, more recently, he gained prominence for having his HQ, Sandman, adapted into a Netflix series. The success of the production led the streaming platform to confirm the 2nd season of the series, also without a premiere date.

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