‘Mystery in Venice’ manages to lead the Spanish box office in its second weekend

In a very close fight, he did not achieve it in his debut, but in his second weekend on the billboard Mystery in Venice directed and starring Kenneth Branagh has surpassed The Nun II at the top of the podium of the highest-grossing films in our cinemas. According to the still provisional data of ComScore MoviesBranagh’s new adaptation based on the stories of Christie Agatha has been done with 693 thousand euroswhile the second installment of The nun fell to second place, in its third week, with 584 thousand euros raised.

At a global level, Mystery in Venice He is also amassing his good income, although it is not spectacular, and accumulates 71.5 million dollars (about 67.5 million accounted for in dollars), of which 25.3 would correspond to the US market. For its part, The Nun II has harvested so far $204.2 million on screens around the world where it has been released, of which 69.2 would also come precisely from the United States and Canada.

Returning to the Spanish box office, despite the good handful of new releases last Friday on our billboard, only the comedy bitch life directed by Josh Greenbaum It slipped into the top ten at the box office. Specifically, debuted sixth with 164 thousand euros deposited.

It was followed in thirteenth place by Jeanne du Barry, the period film set in the court of the French king Louis XV and starring Johnny Depp alongside Maiwenn (who is also the director), cwith about 70 thousand euros raised and an average revenue per screen that is not particularly outstanding. It was exhibited in 142 and its average was 492 euros. Very far, for example, from the 1,498 of Mystery in Venice (which was projected on 463 screens or the 1,389 of The Nun II which could be seen in 421).

The ten highest grossing films in Spain (from September 22 to 24)

1 – Mystery in Venice. 693,552 euros (and in ten days it accumulates 2,206,040 euros and 326,890 spectators).

2 – The Nun II. 584,837 euros (and in 17 days, 5,056,648 euros and 726,588 viewers).

3 – Championex. 328,639 euros (and in 38 days, 9,764,759 euros and 1,588,751 viewers).

4 – The Equalizer 3. 248,024 euros (and in 24 days, 4,073,212 euros and 596,903 viewers).

5 – After. Everything ends here. 211,492 euros (and in ten days, 874,713 euros and 132,100 spectators).

6 – Bitch life. 164,735 euros and 25,280 spectators in three days.

7 – All the names of God. 159,015 euros (and in ten days, 579,894 euros and 91,651 spectators).

8 – Oppenheimer. 134,740 euros (and in 67 days, 19,844,291 euros and 2,960,611 viewers).

9 – Barbie. 104,936 euros (and in 67 days, 32,573,858 euros and 5,092,249 viewers).

10- Ninja Turtles: Mutant Chaos. 94,079 euros (and in 31 days, 2,173,100 euros and 346,260 viewers).

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