‘Mystery in Venice’ and ‘The Nun II’ dominate the Spanish box office

'Mystery in Venice' and 'The Nun II' dominate the Spanish box office

It has not been with a spectacular collection, but it has exceeded one million euros. Mystery in Venicethe new adaptation based on the stories of Christie Agatha in charge of Kenneth Branagh as director and protagonist, playing the detective Hercule Poirot, It was the highest grossing film in our cinemas last weekend with 1,041,793 eurosaccording to the still provisional data from ComScore Movies, and surpassing, although just barely, The Nun II.

For its part, the second installment of The nunbelonging to the Warren File universe, has dropped to second place, but with some 977 thousand euros raised that have left it very close to Branagh’s film.

At a global level, Mystery in Venice It was done in its first weekend with $37.2 million (about 34.7 million in euros), of which 14.5 correspond to the US market, while The Nun II gather 158.8 million also recorded in dollars so far on the big screens.

At the Spanish box office we also found other new releases from last Friday among the most viewed, such as the fifth installment of the romantic saga written by Anna Todd Despues de. Everything ends here and he entered third position with 481 thousand euros collected. The new thriller also debuted Daniel Calparsoro, All the names of Godmade by Luis Tosar and Inma Cuestaand was sixth with 264 thousand euros. Furthermore, highlight The sun of the future of Nanni Moretti than being displayed on fewer screens (81 in contrast to, for example, 450 in Mystery in Venice or 360 of Despues de. Everything ends here), was one step away from top ten. It debuted in eleventh place with 116 thousand euros.

The ten highest grossing films in Spain (from September 15 to 17)

‘Mystery in Venice’
Twentieth Century Studios

1 – Mystery in Venice. 1,041,793 euros and 145,727 spectators in three days.

2 – The Nun II. 977,552 euros (and in ten days it accumulates 4,083,632 euros and 584,015 spectators).

3 – After. Everything ends here. 481,743 euros and 69,302 spectators in three days.

4 – Championex. 467,242 euros (and in 31 days, 9,269,060 euros and 1,508,941 viewers).

5 – The Equalizer 3. 396,048 euros (and in 17 days, 3,648,749 euros and 532,839 viewers).

6 – All the names of God. 264,159 euros and 38,687 spectators in three days.

7 – Oppenheimer. 209,967 euros (and in 60 days, 19,613,916 euros and 2,927,355 viewers).

8 – Barbie. 178,786 euros (and in 60 days, 32,399,991 euros and 5,065,554 viewers).

9 – Ninja Turtles: Mutant Chaos. 141,486 euros (and in 24 days, 2,050,369 euros and 326,807 viewers).

10- Elementary. 140,861 euros (and in 59 days, 12,194,827 euros and 1,969,970 viewers).

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